Miss Universe 2016 candidates' National Costumes

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(L-R) Miss Panama Keity Drennan, Miss Indonesia Kezia Warouw, and Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach are strong contenders for Best in National Costume at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.

Among the much awaited portions of the Miss Universe pageant is the parade of the candidates in their national costumes.

The goal is to make an impression the minute a beauty queen introduces herself.

So aside from design elements depicting the culture of the country she's representing, the overall look has to be arresting.

Miss Australia Caris Tiivel, Miss Thailand Chalita Suansane, and Miss Malaysia Kiran Jassal already showed their gorgeous national costumes.

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Now it's the turn of these candidates to give their social media followers a peek of what they will wear during the introduction segment.

Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach will be transformed into the "Enchanted Queen of the Sea" by her Yemaya-inspired national costume designed by Venezuelan couturier Nidal Nouaihed, with accessories made by Migsel Garcia.

Nouaihed draws inspiration from the myth of a "virginal mermaid" named Guaricha Guaica from the Guaqueries Tribu.


It features a skirt made with organza which is intricately sewn and placed to mimic the waves of Venezuelan beaches.

Hundreds of pearls are also embellished on its bodice.

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Miss Panama Keity Drennan will wear "Traje de Fantasia" or the "Fantasy Costume" made by Daniel Cortina.

In an Instagram post, Daniel said he thought of Panama's famous flowers and coffee when he designed the dress.

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Miss Indonesia Kezia Warouw's national costume is called "Garuda: Unity in Diversity."

The costume was made by Dynand Fariz, who designed Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira's winning national costume for Miss Universe in 2014.

It was also Dynand's interpretation of Garuda Pancasila, Indonesia's national emblem, which he merged with the theme "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity), the country's national philosophy.

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Miss Guatemala Virginia Argueta will wear a Quetzal Bird-inspired national costume.

Resplendent Quetzals, also known as Guatemalan Quetzal, are endangered avian species and considered as one of Guatemala's greatest treasures.


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Miss Bolivia Antonella Moscatelli's national costume is called "Allegory to the Carnival of Oruro."

Featuring a giant head gear and a cape depicting the richness of Bolivian culture, it also pays tribute to the Carnival of Oruro, a 200-year-old religious festival which was included as one of UNESCO's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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Miss Austria Dajana Dzinic recaptures the 1965 Oscar award-winning film The Sound of Music, which shot its scenes in Vermont, Austria.

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Miss Paraguay Andrea Melgajero's national costume was designed by Yeruti Acosta, inspired by the blue passionflower, also known as the Mbucuruya. It was also hand painted by Ana Liz Resquin.

Its lavender-colored head dress has flower appliques.

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Miss Singapore Cheryl Chou national costume was designed by Moe Kasim, who patterned it after a traditional Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese) wedding dress.

It also has a Pagoda-inspired Malay sanggul lintang (bride head dress) and a deconstructed Peranakan Kebaya made with Indian silk brocade.


Completing the look is an elaborate set of wings reminiscent of a Peranakan phoenix.

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Miss Nigeria Unoaku Anyadike will transform into "Queen of the Benin Kingdom" clad in a traditional Nigerian attire.

The designer's peg is Queen Idia, mother of Esigie, the King of Benin during Nigeria's pre-colonial era.

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Miss Sweden Ida Ovmar will wear the "Dress of Dreams," which was designed by Aviad Arik Herman.

It will honor Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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Miss Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic will wear a creation of Esperanca & Jessica, featuring a white body suit with floral appliques and detachable lace skirt.

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Miss Guyana Soyini Fraiser will become the pageant's "Coconut Queen," which was inspired by a painting of Courtney Douglas at the Guyana Coconut Festival 2016.

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Miss Finland Shirly Karvinen will don a festival red dress designed by Teuvo Loman, who made Santa Claus Village, one of Finland's most famous landmarks, his inspiration.

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Miss Myanmar Htet Htet Htun will dress up as a marionette inspired by a princess from Bagan Dynasty.


Designed by Gam Htoi Lazing, Htet Htet's national costume incorporated marionettes, one of the most popular art forms in their country.

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