Lady Gaga wows and sparkles at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Netizens can't stop talking about Lady Gaga's glittering ensemble and performance at the Superbowl Halftime show.

A few hours after she drove the huge crowd wild at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Lady Gaga continues to trend worldwide.

Her entire 13-minute halftime show was not just an impressive high-energy performance, but a major visual spectacle as well.

Aside from the 300 dancing drones that transformed from stars into the American flag...


...not to mention her aerial stunts and epic dive...

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...Lady Gaga also had three scene-stealing costumes courtesy of Atelier Versace.

The first was a futuristic "fully-beaded iridescent jumpsuit with sculptural shoulder detail and matching fully embroidered boots, both with Swarovski crystal accents."

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Next, she added a golden jacket with studs and spikes to her glittering ensemble.

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For her final costume change, she donned a cropped sculptural white jacket paired with hot pants.

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She also managed to change her makeup on stage.

After her fast number, she peeled off the rhinestones surrounding her eyes, and revealed a softer, classic look.


Lastly, after her leap from the top and several flips through the air, Lady Gaga let her retro-inspired updo loose.


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