These stars make airport fashion look effortlessly good!

IMAGE @whianwamos @erichggg on Instagram

For Rhian Ramos (left) and Erich Gonzales(right) , airport fashion means smart and simple.

These stars with a jet-setting lifestyle have mastered the art of looking fabulous without much effort.

They look good even in shirt + shorts + sneakers combo.

They stand out even in the neutral colors of black, white, and gray.

In short, their airport fashion is on point.

Erich Gonzales shows how a coat can make a big difference in one's OOTD.

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With just a tank top, a skort, and lace-up shoes, Rhian Ramos looks stunning.

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It's impossible to miss Megan Young's world-class beauty in her all-white ensemble.

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If you're iffy about white, see how Gretchen Barretto slays in an all-black outfit.

Meanwhile, Kim Chiu's pair of stockings blends so well with her LBD (Little Black Dress) and sneakers.


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