Five quick ways to dress up like a Donya

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If you cannot afford expensive clothes, you can still achieve class.

Every woman deserves to feel like a donya.

And we're not talking about being pasosyal.

Call it "class," which commands respectability.

And it can be easily manifested in the way you dress up.

Here are five simple ways to look like a donya.

Go monochromatic.

Wearing an all-black ensemble evokes “effortless chic” and “classic style.”

It also doesn’t hurt to go for an all-white ensemble for a more refreshing and modern chic look.

Invest in the basics.

Bags and shoes complete your OOTD, so get yourself a good pair of shoes and a high-quality bag.

You don’t need to go for the branded pieces, but go for items with materials that are made to last longer.

Make sure its the perfect fit.

More than style, fashion should be about comfort.

While some fashion trends go crazy with oversized clothes, it is still best to go with pieces that fit you like a glove.

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Simply cinched

A quick solution to oversized clothes is cinching the dress with a belt.

It also helps highlight your shape.

Diamonds and Pearls

Pearls always spells out “Donya!”

Anddon’t be afraid to shine with your best jewelry pieces during special occasions.

Lastly, create your signature look.

It may be too ambitious to own something iconic like Audrey Hepburn's Little Black Dress, but there's always that style that can be distinctively yours.

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