Shamcey Supsup does not find the need to have a lot of bags

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Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup explains why she prefers big, bucket-type bags: "Usually a big bag, it has to have all my essentials. Dapat andoon, para when I'm working, lahat ng kailangan ko para magtrabaho, bitbit ko."


Most ladies have a thing for bags, but not Shamcey Supsup. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recently spotted the Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up beauty queen and her businessman-husband Lloyd Lee at a product launch of a bag store.

As of last count, she has about ten, which can be considered miniscule compared to the bag collection of other celebrities.

But unlike others who get swayed more by trends or brands, she's more practical when it comes to her bag choices.

Shamcey said she prefers "yung open lang siya if you have a lot of stuff. Mahilig ako sa open lang na bag."

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She has a valid reason for this.

"Marami kasi akong pouches na parang organizer," Shamcey explained.

She has a pouch and organizer for just about everything. 

For Shamcey, a bag that has more cubicle compartments or partitions can't accommodate most of her things.

On the other hand, her husband Lloyd prefers bags with partitions.


She added, "Ayaw niya yung kagaya ng bag ko.

"Gusto niya, kung saan nakalagay doon, andito, ganito.

"Ako kasi, basta naipasok sa bag okay na, alam ko saan hahanapin, kahit halu-halo na.

"As long as kasya sa bag, I am good to go!"

She prefers function over style.

CARRY-ALL. The reason she prefers having all her things inside her bag is simple: "usually a big bag, it has to have all my essentials."

Shamcey added, "Dapat andoon, para when I'm working, lahat ng kailangan ko para magtrabaho, bitbit ko."

The small pouches also serve a dual purpose.

"When I go out, I have separate small pouches that I bring na hiwalay sa everyday bag.

"For malling or quick errands, bitbit ko smaller bag or pouch.

"As long as kasya ang phone and card or a few bills, hindi kasi ako mahilig magbitbit ng maraming cash."

SECURITY BLANKET. How often does she switch bags?


Shamcey admitted that she doesn't rotate them often.

She revealed, "Inaabot ng a month before I change. Ayoko kasi naglilipat ng gamit!

"When I like a bag, I don't change.

"Minsan, kahit hindi bagay sa damit, yung bag pa rin na iyon gagamitin ko."

Her bag is like her security blanket.

She added, "Andoon na lahat ng stuff kasi, ayokong may naiiwan." 

Good to know that even beauty queens have quirks just like us. 


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