Meet Internet's newest obsession: Maureen Wroblewitz

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Filipina-German beauty Maureen Wroblewitz might become the first Filipina to win Asia's Next Top Model. Retrace her journey through's exclusive feature.

A new face to watch for in the fashion industry is Maureen Wroblewitz.

The Filipina-German beauty started making waves on the fifth cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Fans of the show would know that her journey hasn’t been the easiest.

Maureen was one of the three Filipinas who joined the Asian-wide top model search.

Early on, her fellow Filipina models Anjelica Santillan and Jennica Sanchez had been eliminated.

The 19-year-old model considered herself the “least experienced,” and was also the youngest and the shortest.

In the show's May 24 episode, Indonesian model Clara Tan infamously called out Maureen for being just a “pretty face no skills.”

Clara went as far as telling Maureen that she was undeserving of her spot in the Top 6.

But the Philippine bet has remained strong, proving her critics wrong.

As of June 21, Maureen is now part of the Top 3.

Maureen’s career began when she was discovered by a local modeling agency on Instagram.

She was a 15-year-old student based  in Germany when she was first spotted by an agent.

After finishing high school, she decided to live in the Philippines and pursue a modeling career.

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When Maureen auditioned for Asia’s Next Top Model, she was in complete shock when she nabbed a slot in the final 14.

While she didn’t expect to make it this far in the competition, the lady is determined to make the country proud at the end of her stint.

She told in an exclusive interview, “The Philippines has never won, so I really have to go out there, get out of my comfort zone, be confident, and believe in myself.

“I can’t give up. I want to win this. I’m the last Filipina and I really have to fight.”

Even if she grew up in Germany, Maureen is proud of her Filipino roots.


In response to being called a “fake Filipina,” she said, “I grew up with my mom, and my mom has taught me so many things. I’ve been in the Philippines every year even though I’ve lived abroad and I’ve learned so much about the culture.

“Filipinos are super friendly, super welcoming, super proud of their country—and I grew up with that.

“I know how Filipinos are, and I’m really proud to be one!”

Will Maureen be the first Filipina to win the Asia's top model title?

The finals will be on June 28.





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