Heart Evangelista on her Louboutin shoes collection: "I haven't counted!"

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Heart Evangelista recalls her fan moment with world-famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin: "I was just myself, and we started to talk, ganyan, and nag-click kami! Sobrang bait niya, sobrang nice, warm. Ang cute-cute!"

Heart Evangelista was still gushing over Christian Louboutin a few days after meeting the internationally renowned shoe designer at a social event the other Sunday, November 19.

“Oh, it was surreal!" she exclaimed.

“I’m a huge fan, my dad’s also a fan.

"Mahilig din ang daddy ko sa sapatos, and my mom.

“I was supposed to do something with him pero hindi natuloy.

"But we were supposed to do something together."

She said she was nonplussed when she found herself seated right next to Louboutin, together with Philippe Charriol of the eponymously world-famous Swiss watch brand in the same table.

She shared, “When I attended the Philippine Tatler Ball, I was sitting next to him.

"And Philippe Charriol was also there... I didn’t expect.

"I’m very shy pag ganun, but I can carry a conversation.

“I was just myself, and we started to talk, ganyan, and nag-click kami!

“Sobrang bait niya, sobrang nice, warm.”

She said Louboutin is in town for a series of business meetings.

DANCING WITH THE STAR. Heart related she knew the iconic shoe designer would be attending the ball.

About her now famous dance with Louboutin, she said, "I didn’t really expect that we would...

"You know, get along, ganyan. And… we will dance! I really didn’t expect that.

“In fact, when I found out that I was sitting beside him I was like, nahihiya ako.

"‘Oh my god! I’m so shy!’ But you know he was very warm, he was very nice.


"And we talked about my paintings... about fashion, art, ganyan.

"The conversation went very well, and then nagkayayaan mag-dancing.

"And then he said, ‘You want to dance?’

“And I said, ‘I’m shy, I don’t dance much.’

“And sabi niya, ‘No,’ and then he took me and then we danced!”

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spoke with Heart Evangelista and her new My Korean Jagiya co-star Andy Ryu last Wednesday, November 22, at Coffee Project, Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Quezon City.

SECOND MEETING. To her delight, Heart said she had a friendly encounter with Louboutin again the very next day.

"I didn’t expect that I would be invited to an intimate dinner with Christian Louboutin, ganyan-ganyan.

“So we got to make chika-chika again, ganun, and it was so nice.”

Being an avid fan, Heart confessed that she enjoyed the company of Louboutin immensely.

“Cute kasi, nag-exchange pa kami ng numbers, ganun. Yeah, so sobrang bait niya.”

What was their aborted project about?

She said, “Ahhh, it was supposed to be for a certain magazine, I think.

“I’m not sure if I can say it, but there wasn’t time anymore.

“It was a photo shoot pero wala na kaming time, ang daming ginagawa yata so…

“But… having dinner with him, that was better than a photo shoot 'cause we really...

"You know, I got to talk to him, I was beside him for over almost four hours na chika.

“So parang it’s unbelievable, I’m such a fan.”


AVID LOUBOUTIN FAN. So how many pairs of Louboutins does she have in her collection?

“I haven’t counted!" she blurted out, laughing.

“But it is my brand, the height requirement, every thing, iyon talaga ako.

“It was really a dream come true, really.”

She was wearing Louboutin shoes on the two occasions she socialized with the designer, of course.

“Iyon talaga ang brand ko so, like, pag sa taping, it’s shorter.

"But in real life, I really just wear Louboutin because it has a certain height that I feel comfortable.

“My body would look more proportioned, so iyon talaga ako ever since.”

According to Heart, Louboutin also felt flattered that Heart has a whole collection of his shoes.

“Yeah, yeah, 'tapos, when he was checking out my paintings pa, may isa akong picture dun na zinoom in niya.

“Akala ko zinoom in niya yung painting ko, 'tapos sabi niya, ‘I was looking at your shoes!’

“Ganun siya, ang cute-cute!” she recalled, gushing all over again.





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