Nadine Lustre is making knee-high boots all the rage

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Nadine Lustre shows how a pair of boots can make her overall look arresting.

Boots are currently taking over the fashion world.

In the past few weeks, Nadine Lustre has been spotted wearing boots in various colors, styles, and lengths.

For her OOTD choices, she gets some help from Myrrh Lao To and his team of celebrity stylists Jan Raroque, Carvey Samonte, and Zia Dela Rosa.

But the 24-year-old VIVA talent is a "very hands-on" client.

In an e-mail exchange, Myrrh gives (Philippine Entertainment Portal) an idea about how the star picks her clothes.

"Nadine is very hands-on when it comes to building her look for every appearance/show she does, but knowing that she’s very collaborative, especially with us, her team, makes it easier and more fun!"

Myrrh also tells, "We make sure we have a good amount of options to be available for her."

They also have a set of dos and don'ts when following a trend.

He says, "Wear socks when choosing to wear closed-toe boots."

Storage is also important to make your boots last long.

Myrrh's advice: "Like any other footwear, keep your boots clean and away from direct heat or cool temperature."

Make sure to find a pair that fits perfectly.

The celebrity stylist said, "Try on a lot of options before purchasing. A snug, nice-fitting pair will take you a long way!"

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Taking our cue from Nadine, listed down more style tips.

A knee-high pair is already a good statement piece, so make it the focal point of your look.

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Don't choose a knee-high pair if you're wearing a dress, skirt, or pants that will cover it.

See how Nadine slayed the look in a skirt with a thigh-high slit.

Choose neutral colors. It's a lot easier to find a match for them.





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