Anne Curtis reveals the most useful item in her makeup kit

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Anne Curtis on finally fulfilling her dream of establishing her very own makeup line: "If you have a dream that you want to pursue, pursue it. Because sometimes you're taking your time focusing on other things, you forget your own personal dreams."

Anne Curtis's makeup line was hatched six years ago.

Its progress was real slow because she had been hesitant.

She said, “Parang I met suppliers three years ago, hindi ko siya matuluy-tuloy.”

Her dream of becoming a makeup entrepreneur came to fruition in 2017 when she officially launched Blk, which is short for “black.”

She continued, “Last year, sabi ko, 'Sige na nga. Ituloy na natin ‘to.'

“And then everything fell into place.

“I met the right people with the same philosophy that we wanted to impart to everyone.

“Everything just fell into place.”

One thing she emphasized during the launch of her Limited Edition K-Beauty Collection last April 5, 2018, at the Dessert Museum in Pasay City, is to never give up on what you really want.

“If you have a dream that you want to pursue, pursue it.

“Because sometimes you’re taking your time focusing on other things, you forget your own personal dreams.


“So yes, it doesn’t have to be the top priority, but don’t set aside your own personal dreams.”

K-BEAUTY LINE. Known as a huge fan of Korean dramas, Anne decided to release her very own Korean beauty line to create a “fresh, dewy face, and all-natural flush” look.

“It falls under the same message that we want to spread out to Filipinas that it’s uncomplicated, beauty made simple, which is exactly that.

“Just cheek tints, lipsticks, for women on the go,” the It's Showtime host shared.

When asked if she follows the beauty regimen of South Koreans, Anne replied, "That’s not uncomplicated, that’s complicated, their skin care?

"No, no, I just use their masks and that’s it. Okay na yun.”

Guess what's the most useful item in her makeup kit?

The VIVA talent's answer: Tints.

She elaborated, "Kasi you can really use it for anything, like me, even if I go for a run and gusto ko ng konting kulay and freshness, even in Showtime kapag nagmamadali, I’ll just put some tint.

"And it’s multipurpose kasi, e, you can use it in your lips, your cheeks.”

Dropping by at the event was Anne’s sister Jasmine Curtis who said in her Instagram post, “You are such a driven woman. Truly an inspiration. I love youuuuuuuuu."


Jasmine’s boyfriend Jeff Ortega was equally supportive.





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