Olivia Reyes, 3, is the youngest Preview cover girl to date

IMAGE Shaira Luna for Preview.ph / @oliviamreyes on Instagram

Olivia Reyes, the three-year-old daughter of Andi Manzano and GP Reyes, is Preview.ph's youngest cover girl to date.

Preview.ph is looking ahead to the future of Pinoy fashion, and sees Olivia Reyes as one of the soon-to-be frontliners of the industry.

The three-year-old daughter of Andi Manzano and GP Reyes is the youngest Preview.ph cover girl to date.

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Her mom posted on Instagram a behind-the-scenes clip, showing how much Olivia loved the experience.

"She was such a pro," the celebrity mom captioned.

"This was her first solo shoot. She picked the shoes in some of the outfits and had 4 layouts.

"After the last she said, 'No more outfits?' then started wearing the sparkly boots that she saw from a far.

"She was such a pro and on the way home she kept telling me that she had so much fun [sparkles emoji] [red heart emoji]"

Is Olivia aware of her social media fame?

Her dad GP told Preview.ph, "She gets curious that people say hi to her and know her name.

"She thinks that everyone is being friendly—but lately she recognizes herself on the vlog, and watches other kids' vlogs, too.

"So she semi understands that it's some people's personal way of sharing their experiences and lives online..."

When Olivia is in the right age and understands the responsibility of being a social media personality, Andi and GP will hand over her social media accounts.

But that doesn't mean that Olivia's future is entirely tied down to her current fame.

GP said whatever Olivia wants to do then will be "all up to her."

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