Solenn Heussaff disconnects from social media; creates own fashion collection

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Solenn Heussaff breaks herself out of a creative rut by flying solo to Cambodia, and meeting up with designer Eric Raisina, who is known for his handmade silk pieces.

Solenn Heussaff revealed in her latest blog entry that she felt "uninspired" some time in August.

"You know how it is when you’re just going through life but you aren’t really living? That’s how I felt like," she wrote.

At that moment, the GMA-7 actress-host found a window of opportunity in her busy schedule. She had several consecutive days free for herself, so what did she do?

Solenn continued, "I took advantage of all the surprise free time I had and booked a trip right away to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

"Why Siem Reap?

"I think you guys know that I really love traveling to places that are a little bit off the beaten track, where it’s a little more rustic, quiet, and you can just spend more time to be by yourself and reflect."

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Solenn stayed in Cambodia for four days, and there she met designer Eric Raisina, who is known for designing handmade pieces using silk.

The Kapuso star dropped by his design studio every day, and she "just designed and made clothes with him the whole time."

Her creativity began to take over her again.

Solenn said on her video diary on YouTube, "What people don’t know was that I was actually a designer before I started showbiz.

"That’s why I decided to come back here to Cambodia, and just kind of get lost in what I used to love doing."

Thanks to this four-day trip, Solenn created and designed a whole collection!

She will showcase her collection in November.

At the end of the video diary, Solenn reminded her followers to disconnect from social media and reconnect with yourself.

She said, "When you feel like when you're in a rut, it's very important for you to travel on your own and for you to discover new things or meet new people.


"Be able to reconnect because that's one thing we don't really do nowadays is actually communicate... go back to basics.

"Although it was just a four-day trip to Cambodia, it really helped me clear my mind and get motivated again and be on track again."

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