How to make your clothes look yayamanin without spending a lot

Here are some practical tips you should take note of.
Oct 4, 2018


First impressions last. And what better way to make a good impression than to present yourself in the best way possible? While your appearance is not the end-all and be-all of your existence, it also won't hurt to make sure you look good at all times.

Aside from good grooming, your choice of clothes and how you take care of them also influence how good you look. You don't have to wear clothes from high-end brands to project class and sophistication. You can look fabulous without spending a lot of cash. After all, it's not the brand that matters. "Nasa nagdadala 'yan," as some people say.

That said, here are five things you can do to look fashionable without blowing your budget:

1. BUY GOOD-QUALITY WARDROBE ESSENTIALS. When it comes to picking out clothes, put quality over quantity. Get well-made and versatile pieces such as skirts, jeans, blouses, and dresses. Prioritize neutral colors over loud prints and patterns so it's easy for you to mix and match these pieces. It's a thrill to score cheap clothes, but think long-term. You may end up buying replacements more often.

2. WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES FOR THE OCCASION. Wear and tear are inevitable. However, you can keep your clothes looking new longer by dressing according to the situation. You can wear your favorite chiffon blouse if you're spending the whole day with your family at the mall. But if you're going to play in a park with your child, choose a comfortable top with a more durable and breathable fabric. Better yet, pack an extra shirt.

3. STORE YOUR CLOTHES PROPERLY. Allocate sufficient and proper storage space for all your clothes so you can minimize their exposure to dirt and possible damage. Hang your newly ironed clothes properly to prevent creases.

4. PRACTICE SMART STYLING. When it comes to fashion, little details go a long way. When shopping for new clothes, pick pieces that fit perfectly. If needed, don't hesitate to have them altered. It's surprising how small tweaks can make your clothes look custom-made rather than off the rack. One more tip to get Instagram-worthy artistahin looks: Iron your clothes carefully and make sure they're lint-free.

5. BE MORE MINDFUL OF CLOTHING CARE. Choosing the right detergent is no easy task. Make sure that your detergent isn't so harsh that your clothes lose their vibrant colors, or isn't so mild that stains won't come off. For that always fashionable look, choose Surf Powder with FabCon. It helps clean your clothes and prevent dirt from coming back. Plus, it has fabric conditioner that can help keep your clothes smelling fresh the whole day.

With clean and fragrant clothes that look as good as new for a long time, you can keep looking yayamanin and even artistahin.

Buy Surf Powder with FabCon online on Visit Surf Philippines for more information.

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