Kris Bernal's burgers look so yummy!

IMAGE @krisbernal on Instagram

Kris Bernal is now done with the food-tasting stage of her food business, #MeatKris. The one on the right will be one of her "specials," Bacon Mushroom Burger.

Kris Bernal has been very hands-on as far as her first food business, #MeatKris, is concerned.

She chose to venture on "burgers" since the Morato area, according to her, has not really caught the "burger craze."

Her joint will be part of CommunEATy, a food park located at 120 Don A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City.

Among the things she had to do was learn how to cook.

Here, she was in a one-on-one cooking class with Chef Perry Choi, whose specialties are steaks and burgers.

On Instagram, Kris wrote, "I am one actress who is a cook wannabe.

"I have this unrelenting, never wavering dream to work in a professional kitchen.

"Being stubborn simply doesn't work for me!

"While waiting for my next teleserye to come, I want to give a 'Little' priority to my other dreams too!

"Anyway, here's a photo with Chef @perryxchoi coaching me on proper techniques while answering my never ending cooking questions! #OneOnOne #CookingClass #Training #MeatKRIS"

The past few weeks, she had been doing a series of food tasting.

Three weeks ago, Kris was eating two to three burgers to "perfect the taste."

She said "tumataba na talaga ako," but didn't look like it.

That bacon mushroom burger on her plate will be one of her menu's "specials."

Yesterday, she invited some members of her family and friends to try her burgers.

Kris wrote, " I need some constructive criticism and honest affirmation from family and friends about the burgers I'll be selling!"

For her brother Migs, she prepared a "Four-Cheese Burger."


The "Bacon, Mushroom, Ham" burger was delivered to her dad's office.

"Sausage on burger" for her best friend and make-up artist MJ Iquina

She served her road manager a "Bacon Overload."

She asked her trainer Russell Cayondong to taste the "Breakfast Burger with Breaded Meatloaf."

Despite the add-ons, Kris said her hamburgers are "simple."

"I don't want too much layering. I don't want too bulky.

"I don't mind if it's not instragrammable as long as the taste is meaty, tender, flavorful, and juicy!"

This one is their basic cheeseburger, and it can hold up to six patties.

Lastly, she said she will serve flame-grilled patties and "100% angus beef burgers at a reasonable price!"





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