Bianca Manalo proud to say she can already cook Brazilian dishes

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After watching her boyfriend Fabio Ide's sister go about her kitchen routine, Bianca Manalo says she learned a few Brazilian recipes: "Masarap, mas masarap na nga raw ako magluto kaysa doon sa kapatid!"

"Hindi ako marunong mag-bike," said Bianca Manalo.

What was she doing at the Shell Bike Fair 2016 which was recently held in the World Trade Center?

She quipped, "Akala ko nga kanina pagpasok ko, bibigyan ako ng oil. Di ko alam...Ako, may boyfriend, referring to Brazilian model/actor/businessman Fabio Ide.

But if the former beauty queen will have her way, she doesn't want him to join motorbike and car races.

"Ayaw ko. For me lang yun, ha. Ayokong nagre-race siya.

"Actually, nagre-race siya for Vios Cup, di ba. Even then, it's still a race."

Bianca added, “My God! He got into an accident before, akala ko...Hindi ko kaya, I can't even watch it, nagha-hyperventilate ako.

“I don't even want him to try na."

DREAM DRIVE. Does Bianca have a dream car?

"Wala akong alam na dream car pero gusto ko, one day, ipag-drive ako ng driver ko ng Bentley, ng Phantom, ganoon.

“Pero dream car for myself, parang wala.

“I don't even know how to drive, I don't even want to dare. I'm scared!"

When asked about her longest land travel, she replied, "Yung going to Baguio, mahaba na yun, di ba?

“Ay, Lucena, Lucban, Quezon pala."

She paused then added, "Why go by land, pine-plane ko."

There's one destination on her bucket list waiting to be ticked off.

"Ay, di pa ako nakakapuntang Sagada, kasi far na siguro for me yung Lucban, Quezon, and Baguio, and Malaysia to Singapore, four hours din yun..."

CANNOT DRIVE BUT CAN COOK. The statuesque beauty exclaimed, "I can cook. Anything you want.


"I know how to cook Brazilian dishes now," thanks to Fabio's sister.

Bianca recalled, "When she arrived and had a vacation here before, I was watching her cook, so inaral ko.

"So ngayon, marunong na ako."

So far, the comments about her cooking have been very positive.

"Masarap, mas masarap na nga raw ako magluto kaysa doon sa kapatid!" she blured out with a loud laugh.

She resumed, "Saka niluto ko na yun sa mga friends namin, nagustuhan nila!"

Asked about her specialties, she enumerates, "Stroganoff, it's a Brazilian dish, pero chicken siya.

“'Tapos, aaralin ko yung Feijoada."

She recently started watching the food she eats, so she's been learning how to cook "healthy-healthy" dishes.

Her favorite: quinoa arroz caldo!

"Sarap!I love to cook talaga!

"Ita-try ko iquinoa champorado, parang I've read na puwede, normal lang.

“Nire-replace mo lang yung rice ng quinoa, lalo pag umuulan."

Perfect for the rainy season. ????? I cooked my very own quinoa arroz caldo. Ym!????

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