Dawn Zulueta says she learned cooking by watching her husband

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Dawn Zulueta learns cooking from her husband Anton Lagdameo Jr.

Dawn Zulueta wasn't a fan of cooking until she became Mrs. Anton Lagdameo.

The politician knows his way around the kitchen, and the actress eventually learned from him.

Dawn told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during her pictorial for a pasta brand, "I learned by watching him and in my in-laws because they like to cook also.

"So through the years, parang I developed the interest, and then I started watching cooking shows when I was in Davao pa."

It didn't take long before "I start making dishes on my own, experimenting."

What are Dawn's specialties?

She said she loves to cook "whatever is there," but her all-time favorites "have to do with spaghetti and pasta."

The Kapamilya even came up with names for her own recipes.

"There's one that I make that I call spaghetti a la pobre, which I put mostly salted fish saka mga black olives, iba iba, depending on who's eating.

"Siyempre when it's the kids, I make mga cheese, sauces or spaghetti sauces with meatballs."

Here's how her home-cooked spaghetti looked.

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But do not ask her for a recipe.

"I don't know how to give the recipe. Wait, I don't even how many portions of garlic and like this.

"I really have to think about it because sometimes, I just learn from my husband and my husband doesn't make sukat.

"So ako din, hindi rin ako masukat."

She also noted the difference between cooking and baking.

"I mean masukat ako sa baking, pero when you are cooking kasi, you have to be free.

"Every now and then, whatever is available, that's what you add to the dish, di ba."





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