Kean Cipriano on his sisig restaurant: "You go home happy."

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Concho's Sisig branches are located at 48 Lilac St. Marikina City and 140 Maginhawa St. Quezon City.

When you always meet up, talk, and collaborate over Pinoy food, what's the next best thing to do?

Put up a restaurant.

That was essentially the story behind Concho’s Sisig: The Home of Sisig Goodness, whose proud owners are Callalily front man Kean Cipriano and his bandmate Tatsi Jamnague plus their manager Darwin Hernandez and his wife Kathy.

Its first branch in Marikina was launched in September 2014.

Two years later, its second branch on Maginhawa Street was opened.

Kean happily told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview held on October 11, in the Quezon City branch,"We promote eating."

Hence, their "not your typical sisig" is not exactly pampulutan.

"It’s not served on a sizzling plate, hindi siya iyong gawa sa maskara [pork face]. This is 100 percent pork belly, lean meat."

Kean said Concho’s sisig is more of a Filipino rice meal.

“Pang-food trip siya, pang-kanin. Carbs din naman, pero kumbaga kanin ito...

“We’re Filipinos, so parang ito yung tipong puwede mong puntahan every day at hindi ka magsasawa.”

Aside from their sisig, Kean’s other favorites from their straight-up Filipino food menu are crispy pata, cheese dynamite, and caramel turon.

“Kung mga Filipino, mahilig sa adobo at buong linggo itong kayang kainin nila, itong Concho’s Sisig ay parang gano’n din. Comfort food mo siya.”

One thing was for sure, the rock star understood the essence of food to people.

“Pagkain kasi talaga iyong main fuel ng mga tao, e. Pagkain ang main drive 'tapos bigyan mo ng pagkain na masarap, feeling mo mapapasaya na yung tao.

“That’s all we need to survive."

He quickly added, "And love, of course.”

With that in mind, Kean underlined the daily goal of Concho's.

"...a simple, straight-up, good food. No fancy, straight-up good food.


"You go here, you eat, you go home happy.”

What to know more about Kean’s latest food venture?

Check out PEP Eats at Concho’s Maginhawa here:





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