Fabio Ide assures Palace Pool Club, Valkyrie are drug-free

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Fabio Ide steps up his establishments' efforts towards supporting the government's anti-drug campaign: "We've been working with a lot of people, police, civilians. We wanna make sure that people, when they go to the Palace, they are safe."

Aside from his showbiz career, Fabio Ide is also an investor in The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie, which are popular hang-out places in Taguig City.

Has the anti-drug campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte affected the establishments he co-owns?

"Of course, apektado lahat ng business everywhere," he told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the renewal of his contract with  VIVA Artists Agency recently.

He underlined that The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie are "drug-free."

Fabio added, "But it’s nice because we’re really working together with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency [PDEA] to show the people that the Palace Pool Club is still a very, very safe place to go to, to hang out or just have fun without any drugs.

“We've been really, really good.

“We’ve been working with a lot of people, police, civilians.

“We wanna make sure that people, when they go to the Palace, they are safe.

“They can be one hundred percent sure when they go there, they will have the best service, the best kind of music, the best vibe without drugs."

Fabio was confident that the two bars are "drug free talaga and we really wanna show that."

He resumed, “That’s why we had a meeting with PDEA [Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency] before.

“We want people to see na The Palace is still the number one in Manila to have fun without drugs.

“We want the people to feel safe going there, being there.

“That’s why we have the sniffing dogs, we have all the provisions for ensuring drug safety.


“We want the people to realize the Palace is really the number one place to be, even with all the ongoing government drug crackdown.”

NOTHING TO FEAR. Given the drug-related killings, aren't people afraid to party these days?

People shouldn’t be scared.

“You should feel scared if you did something bad, but if you have nothing to be concerned about it, there’s no problem.

“So far, our VIP clients are still there.

“I think just like what’s happening now with the society, with the Duterte thing, I think it’s a normal thing because our mentality is changing.

“And I think before, people were not used to what’s happening now. Safe ang Pilipinas if you’re not a drug dealer, if you’re not doing anything bad."

The Brazilian-Japanese model/actor signed a three-year contract with VIVA Artists Agency.

He is co-managed by Mercator Artist and Model Management.

At present, he is a co-host in Dobol or Samting, a comedy game show currently airing on VIVA TV cable channel.





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