Six merienda ideas from Lucy Torres

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Among Lucy Torres's favorites: salted egg fish skin chips, cheese pimiento, and carrot juice.

Intermittently, Lucy Torres would post food shots on her Instagram account, and accompany them with interesting captions.

It would seem the wife of Richard Gomez likes sweets??from ice cream to pastillas to cookies??even if she is sometimes conscious about her calorie intake.

Her feed also showed that she eats her crackers and bread with spreads (usually, cheese pimiento).

She could make her own food, too.

Here are a few merienda ideas and gastronomic surprises from Lucy.

1. Kamias

Lucy enumerated the many things she can do with Richard's harvest from their 15-year-old Kamias tree: "Hello, sinigang! Hello, kamias shake! Hello, paksiw!"

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Her favorite? Kamias with asin. Asim!

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2. Her "first love": SPAM.

She wrote, "...if somewhere during my childhood I met some wicked witch and she cut me into two, she would see I was half made of SPAM."

So she was thrilled when Chococro launched its croissant with SPAM and cheese variant.


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3. Healthy avocado sandwich

This was actually her "pretty dinner" made of ripe avocados, edible flowers, and toasted almonds (an idea she got from Solenn Heussaff) piled on toasted wheat bread, with salt and pepper.

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4. Dilis Bread

She provided a how-to-eat instruction: "Fry the dilis [sa mga bisaya, we know it as buwad bolinao] to a crisp and sandwich several spoonfuls of it in between two slices of bread that has been slathered generously with mayonnaise. Bite into it, joyfully, with eyes closed."

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5. Salted egg potato chips

A local brand, Lucy said this is "one of the really good ones" that flooded the market.

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She found this in the bedroom of her daughter Juliana. "Well done," she said.

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Her favorite: salted egg fish skin.

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6. Her daily juice: Carrots with apple

She uses organic carrots, the pulp of which becomes fertilizer for the plants in their garden.

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