Why Chef JP Anglo craves the simple life by the sea

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Get a taste of Chef JP's life by the sea on Hungry with Chef JP every Saturday, 7:30PM, on CNN Philippines.

Chef JP Anglo is on a mission to help people rediscover the simpler paths towards happiness, and that journey begins with food.

Back in 2016, Chef JP launched Hungry with Chef JP, a unique cooking show that fused his two greatest passions: cooking and surfing.

Now on its second season, the travelogue boasts of even more informative features of some of the country's best beaches in Catanduanes, the Ilocos region, and his hometown, Bacolod.

For the first episode, which aired last May 20, Chef JP went to Real, Quezon.

During the media launch of the show's second season at the his own Sarsa Kitchen + Bar in Rockwell Center, the chef-restaurateur related how cooking brought him closer to our kababayans.

The former MasterChef Pinoy Edition judge said, "Cooking is effortless. Cooking is... magical.

"It’s my source of energy, my source of happiness.

"Along the way, we met so many interesting people.

"We met people who touched our lives, and I guess we touched theirs too from the food that we cooked for them.

"They taught us so many new things.

"We experienced things that we would never experience."

Cooking by the sea infused Chef JP with a newfound inspiration.

For one, the province's homegrown produce ensured the freshness of his ingredients.

But above all, it was the calmness of the seaside that invigorated him most.

"When you live here in Manila, parang it’s so gulo. There’s traffic.

"There, it’s kalmado.

"Malapit sa dagat.

"Yung simplicity ng kanilang pamumuhay, parang gano’n lang pala.

"Okay na pala yung gano’n.

"Minsan kasi hinahanap natin yung malayo pa, pero yung ganun okay na pala.

"I guess what I’m trying to say is that, you know, they’re so happy over there.

"They’re really, sincerely happy because, I guess, they’re close to the water, they get to eat every day.


"So, that’s what the show is about.

"It’s about making you guys realize that it can be simple.

"I guess the show is called 'Hungry'  because it’s a never-ending journey.

"There’s always, always, always room for learning and for experiencing new things," he says with Zen-like reverence.

Get a taste of Chef JP's life by the sea on Hungry with Chef JP every Saturday, 7:30PM, on CNN Philippines.





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