Vogue.com features Filipino food as the next big thing

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Our local cuisine has already been getting international recognition.

The Philippines had been occupied by many countries that essentially turned our archipelago into a melting pot of various ideas and a divergence site of culture.

But food-wise, it seems that we have found our grounding in establishing what makes Filipino food, Filipino.

More than that, our local cuisine has already been getting international recognition. 

It was five years ago that renowned food writer Andrew Zimmern predicted that Filipino cuisine will be the next big thing.

Now, even Vogue.com agrees.

The article recognizes the misconceptions about the Filipino cuisine: "Yet the flavors of the Philippines are still largely misunderstood by the rest of the world.

"Food stylists have been known to position chopsticks alongside Filipino dishes, assuming the country’s Southeast Asian geography means chopsticks are used as the primary delivery vehicle for food, when it is, in fact, forks and spoons."

It later on points out that the cuisine is ours and "a burgeoning food culture has expanded our palates to include flavors from other cuisines around the world.

"The result is that a taste of Filipino food evokes memories of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Pacific Islander dishes that many of us are already familiar with."

Now, with this enlightenment, we're no longer just remembered for balut. We are the echo of multitude cultures and the foresight of the future.

Read Vogue.com's full feature here.

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