Get older kids and adults to like veggies with these chefs' tricks

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It's not too late to start adding vegetables to your diet.

Everyone knows that eating vegetables offers a lot of health benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone is a big fan of greens, especially those who have been fussy eaters since they were toddlers.

While it might be more difficult to get older kids to like veggies,celebrity chefs Niño Logarta and Jose Sarasola both believe that it’s never too late to do so.

“Mamamatay kang maaga kapag hindi ka kumain ng vegetables, e!” Chef Niño told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the recently-held Mega Prime cook-off with actress Marian Rivera at Enderun Colleges, Taguig City.

When reintroducing vegetables to kids, Chef Niño's rule is simple: “I’m not gonna feed them anything that I wouldn’t eat myself.

“Alam nila yun, chef ako.

“So kapag papakainin ko sila, ipapakita ko muna.

“Kakain muna ako, and then ipapatikim ko [sa kanila].”

Chef Niño also shared a good trick to make fussy eaters enjoy the benefits of vegetables: cut up the veggies into small pieces and add them to your kid’s favorite dish.

“Cut it really small and mix it in with other ingredients na gusto nila para just to mellow down yung lasa ng vegetables.”


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Meanwhile, Chef Jose admitted to not liking veggies much either.

But upon reaching his 30s, he figured that he should shape up and start living healthier.

He told PEP at the Philips cooking demo event last July 27 at Shangri-La mall, “Growing up, hindi rin ako masyadong fan sa mga gulay-gulay, e.

“Talagang meat eater ako saka rice, e.

“But then as you get older na… medyo I watch what I eat na talaga.

“When I got older, I prefer vegetables.”

His tip: Learn how to cook meals that are easy-to-do and healthy at the same time.

“It’s always easy to make a dish with vegetables na very masarap, very fulfilling… you have really good recipes to go with, like cheese, like butter, lemon.”





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