Richard Yap reveals motivation and workouts to stay fit

Richard Yap on why he stays fit: ""With the business I'm in, I need to look good all the time, I need to be fit all the time."

No matter how busy you are, there's no reason you can't stay fit.

This we learned from Richard Yap at the launch of Manulife MOVE on January 14.

The Kapamilya actor said, “Well, you just have to keep in mind that you have to be healthy especially in the world that we are living in right now.

“There are so many people getting sick all the time.

“We really have to exert effort to be healthy.

 “I guess it’s a way of life for me.

“With the business I’m in, I need to look good all the time, I need to be fit all the time.

“We need to be healthy not only for ourselves, but also for the people we really care about.

“We need to think about the people we love.

“So we need to consider that health is always wealth.”

FITNESS. The 48-year-old star is into circuit and weight training plus plyometrics.


“I just move a lot. I usually do which some people may know as jump training [plyometrics].

“It’s really more of the movement. You can do a lot of body exercises and you can do all these things not only at the gym, but also at home.

“I do it three to five times a week, just 30 to 45 minutes a day is enough."

How often does he hit the gym?

Richard replied, “I try to go to the gym as much as I can.

“Sometimes, I do it before or after work or in between of what I’m doing."

Richard, however, is not diet conscious.

“I eat anything actually but you just have to do it in moderation.”

When asked who’s his #fitnessinspiration, he answered, “Well, I think before everyone was going into all these lean physiques with the abs, there was Bruce Lee.

“So I think he was the number one icon for being fit.”


TIPS. For the “White Collar workers” whose jobs are generally on clerical work, Richard just advised to stretch and move constantly.

He added, “You can do it [exercise] while you’re going to your office like taking the stairs or when you’re going somewhere from your office, you can walk instead of drive.

“So there are lots of ways that you can move without really having to go to the gym.

“Or if you need to talk to someone across the office or at one floor up, just take the stairs, instead of taking the elevator.

“Yeah, it’s a matter of will power, actually.”


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