Xian Lim reveals one health tip: Eat small portions every three hours

Xian Lim on his lean frame: "I think naniniwala ako na nanggagaling talaga sa pagkain, di ba dun nanggagaling ang 'you are what you eat.'"

Standing over six feet tall and having a great physique, would you believe Xian Lim doesn’t have any special diet, and is not really into hardcore workout routines?

The key, according to him, is to eat in moderation and know the most effective workout program for your body type.

He told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at HOOQ's first anniversary party, “It’s eighty percent nutrition, twenty percent working out, dun ako naniniwala.

“Parang kulto kasi ang workout e may kanya-kanyang views and opinions ang mga tao.”

Eating moderately every three hours works best for Xian.

He explained, “Kasi bumibilis yung metabolism ng katawan mo, pero onti lang kinakain ko.

“Anything you eat in moderation is fine.

“I think, naniniwala ako na nanggagaling talaga sa pagkain.

“‘Di ba dun nanggagaling ang 'you are what you eat.'”

With regard to his meal plans, Xian does his own research.

He shared, “Ang pinaka-portion ko is ganito lang kalaki, if you hold up the size of your hand, ito yung size ng protein, ito yung size ng vegetable.

“Kaya huwag tayo masaydo malimit, tulad ng ibang tao masaydo silang nababaliw sa mga pag-measure ng mga size or portion.

“Just go online, mayroon na tayong Internet ngayon, e.

"Ang dami na may iba’t ibang klase ng meal plans, we have a freedom to do our own research.

“Accessible na lahat.”

But of course, to completely stay active and healthy, hitting the gym is still a must.

“I go to the gym also. Every other day would be ideal.

“Pero hindi naman masyado nagbubuhat ng mabigat, high repetition ako.”

Xian’s fitness program, high repetition, helps in losing extra body fats and tone the muscles.





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