Guys, read what Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ryan Agoncillo have to say about nerves!

"As healthy as you can be, your muscles, your bones, even the nerves, you gotta take care of yourself," says Ryan Agoncillo (right) about Neuropathy.

The Eat Bulaga! host joins Zsa Zsa Padilla (left) in increasing awareness about nerve problems in the country.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

As cliche as it may sound, but Zsa Zsa Padilla and Ryan Agoncillo believe so much in this line that they kept on repeating it during the 3rd Neuropathy Awareness Movement event of Neurobion.

Ryan told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about the symptoms of Neuropathy, “I'm sure naramdaman mo rin 'yan.

“You know, after a long day in the saddle ng motorsiklo, I commute on a motorcycle now.

“Alam mo 'yong tingling sensation on the palm of your hands, on your feet, and on the back of your thigh.

“Usually though, we ignore it. Mas sanay tayo na hinihilot-hilot lang, nangalay lang 'yan.”

Neuropathy is "a disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness," according to

The host added, “I would guess anything that you do that requires you to do an activity for a long time, you're bound to experience some of the symptoms.

"It's not naman sa mga matatanda lang.

"I'm a little older now, not that old enough, but it's been a long time I've been experiencing it.

"'Yong iba baka hindi lang nila pinapansin.”

One thing Ryan is grateful about: The symptoms do not happen that often yet.

Another good thing: B-vitamin supplements can prevent it from becoming worse.

He resumed, “You don't want that excuse para hindi makasama ang mga anak mo.

“As healthy as you can be, your muscles, your bones, even the nerves, you gotta take care of yourself.”

TIIS-GANDANG HIGH-HEELS. On the other hand, Zsa Zsa has been complaining about chronic leg muscle cramps caused by constantly wearing high-heeled shoes.

She related, “My pain naman is not sa arms, which is the most common, the numbing of the hands.

“Mine talaga is more of feet-related because of the heels. Now, it's ridiculously high!


“I'm wearing now a four-inch heels, and you're standing up for long hours and you don't notice that you're wearing heels practically the whole day.

“When we're performing pa, it's ridiculous how high it gets.

“And then, you'll realize na nakakahilo na. That's when my problem started.”

She has been taking B-vitamin supplements, which, to her surprise, has also been preventing the onset of Trigeminal Neuralgia or facial pain.

She explained, “Parang three major nerves in the face and it's one of the pinaka-painful conditions to have...hereditary din ito."

Lastly, Ryan and Zsa Zsa have two pieces of advice to those who have been experiencing tingling and numbing sensations: know what it is and get treatment without delay.





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