These five celebrity couples show working out together is good for relationship

IMAGE @mina_villarroel and @jcintal7 on Instagram

Carmina Villarroel, Zoren Legaspi, Bianca Gonzalez, and JC Intal believe in the benefits of working out together.

Workouts can be exhausting, even a bit frustrating to some.

But despite the many reasons (or excuses)—from the distance of the gym to the sore muscles to work load—we can think of to stop or skip, we can't just quit that easily.

If we're struggling with our fitness goal, then having a buddy might keep us motivated.

In a recent study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine, doing an aerobic work with a partner greatly affects the fitness results after multiple sessions.

Some are lucky to have BFFs, others are even luckier to have boyfriends or husbands who share their #FitnessGoals.

Taking cue from these celebrity couples, it is indeed easier to be fit or lose weight if we have that extra push from our partner.

1. Ina Raymundo finds a personal trainer in her husband, Brian Poturnak.

The sexy mom added, "May kiss pa."

2. Carmina Villarroel finds workouts more fun with her husband Zoren Legaspi.

Look at these two. They're not bored, and definitely not pressured at all.

3. Judy Ann Santos gets extra motivation from husband Ryan Agoncillo.

Aside from cheering for Juday, he even danced. Cool!

4. Aubrey Miles says exercise is her bonding activity with Troy Montero.

In a previous interview, Aubrey said, "Troy supports me in everything I do—from my vanity to my workouts."

5. With JC Intal, Bianca Gonzalez achieves her goal faster.

In her case, she's lucky she's married to an athlete.





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