No time for gym? Dianne Medina recommends planned meals

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Dianne Medina says a low-calorie meal plan helps her maintain her weight.

Dianne Medina is a firm believer of 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise.

That was why when she had to lose weight, she almost starved herself.

The TV host told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "Grabe ako before, no breakfast, no dinner, just lunch.

"I eat anything I want for lunch, basta no rice.

"So basically, one meal lang ako sa isang day."

After a few months of getting used to that "set-up," the ill effects started to take their toll on her skin.

"Yung skin ko nag-dry, yung lips ko nag-dry, and then parang very pale, dehydrated ako.

"In short, pumangit ako.

"Basta na-depress ako."

She added, "Sabi kasi nila, when you diet, ang katapat noon is depression."

Because of the negative effects, she started to change her eating habits.

"Nung kumain naman ako, sobra, kasi na-deprive ako before."

But now that she has learned her lesson, what does she do to maintain her figure?

Given that she has limited time because of her work and hosting gigs, Dianna began trying planned meals—which computes the calorie intake throughout the day.

The meals have to be eaten at a specified time, too.

Dianne added, "Sa fitness kasi, I don’t have much time to go to the gym, so ang ginagawa ko usually is just I follow my low calorie meal plan.

"They just deliver it to my house, breakfast, lunch, and dinner na iyon.

"I just eat everything nang naka-calorie count na."

Her food intake every day is 1,200 calories only.

Dianne encouraged fellow "ladies who are on-the-go and wala na silang time na mag-prepare, better if naka-calorie count na lang yung food, and sa mga health conscious din na wala ding time to go to the gym, perfect na yun.

"Para at least you won’t have to starve yourself, mas nakakatakot yun.


"Nagka-calorie count na lang ako."

Having a boyfriend who's a gym rat has also helped Dianne maintain her ideal weight.

Rodjun Cruz and his brother Rayver are into crossfit, which is defined by as "constantly varied functional movements [gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, etc.] performed at high intensity."

Dianne resumed, "Because my boyfriend kasi mahilig mag-gym, so sinasama nila ako nila Rayver sa Hit arena sa Paranaque, nag-crossfit kami.

"Whenever given the time, nagko-crossfit ako."

Aside from her beau, she also has regular fitness buddies, "mga artista din, isang group lang together."





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