Comedian Bearwin Meily stuns with new physique, and here's his secret...

IMAGE File / Bearwin Meily's Facebook account

When Bearwin Meily was 34 years old, he weighed 199 lbs. Now at 40 years old, he maintains his weight at 154 lbs.

Have you seen Bearwin Meily?

On November 22, he posted a snap of his ripped, muscular body on his Facebook account, and wrote, “You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.

“Be a Blessing. Be an Inspiration.”

His weight-loss secret? Long-distance running.

Back in 2011, he weighed 199 lbs., and began feeling a wave of discomfort.

In an interview with the defunct GMA showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Central, Bearwin admitted, “At the time, I felt so heavy. I was worried that anytime, I would suffer a heart attack.”

He was 34 years old then, and his kid was five years old.

He decided to get into long-distance running.

“There’s an oval in our village, mga 400 meters iyon, at hindi ko maikot iyon.

“I began combining brisk walking with mild running for one month. Gradually, I developed stamina."

Fast forward to 2014, Bearwin was 45 lbs. lighter when he appeared on The Singing Bee.

“Before long, I joined races. 10K races, marathons, 21K, 42.2-kilometer run, etc.,” he said in his Showbiz Central interview.

From 199 lbs., the professional magician has maintained the ideal weight of 154 lbs.

He resumed,  “Now, I can run around the oval for as long as I want na hindi ako humihingal."

He has actually participated in local and international running events: from five-kilometer to 42-kilometer runs.

What about his diet?

“No diet! Actually, mas malakas ako kumain ngayon. Kaya lang, nagiging gasolina ko siya,”






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