Five types of tea that can help you feel better

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There are different flavors of tea, and each one has medicinal effects on our bodies.

Drinking tea is so much healthier than drinking coffee, and it also has so many health benefits.

Here are five types of tea you can drink if ever you have an upset stomach, flu, stuffed nose, fever, or even when you just can't fall asleep.

Ginger Tea for Nausea or an upset stomach

When you feel nauseous, have an upset stomach, motion sickness, or you just want to vomit, this tea will hit the spot!

It can also help with your cramps when you're on your period. (via

Green Tea to fight flu and sore throat

Green tea is the best kind that you could drink often because it helps boost your immunity to help you fight the common cold and flu.

It's also good for sore throat because it helps decrease the viruses. (

Oolong Tea is your weight loss BFF.

Several studies proved that Oolong tea can help with weight loss!

As a bonus to weight loss, it can also promote healthy skin, teeth, and gums. (via

Can't sleep? drink Chamomile Tea.

Ever have days when you just can't sleep?

Chamomile is a great solution to insomniac nights. It helps you relax and get your much-deserved night's rest. (via

Peppermint Tea helps with fever.

Peppermint tea is said to be a fever reducer because of menthol being its main ingredient.

We know that in order to remove our fever, we need to sweat. Drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea does that to your body and will have you sweating.

But the cool menthol will balance it out by helping your body cool down. (via

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