Why Ellen Adarna passed out after first round of shoot for FHM cover

IMAGE @maria.elena.adarna on Instagram

Ellen Adarna cuts down on water three days before an important shoot. The actress admits that this is not advisable to anyone.

During her recent photo shoot for FHM's cover, Ellen Adarna shared on Instagram that she passed out while they were doing the first layout.

The sexy actress was knocked out by heat stroke for an hour, and the shoot was put on hold.

During her reveal party as the Tanduay Calendar Girl at the Cities Events Place in Quezon City on December 1, Ellen related why she passed out.

"Because I was dehydrated," the Langit Lupa star said.

"I passed out after the first layout because of the elements."

The cover shoot was done in a remote, undisclosed beach.

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Dehydration has always been part of Ellen's preparations for important photo shoots.

"I work out, I diet, and I do what body builders do. I dehydrate three days before the shoot."

Dehydrating cuts off the water weight from the body.

According to bodybuilding.com, it was one of the "scientific" ways to reach your body's "physical peak."

Ellen would drink one liter of water three days before the shoot, and cut it down to 500 ml the day after.

On the day of the shoot, she wouldn't drink water at all.

Ellen highly advised the people not to try it, "Hindi iyon healthy, a!

"I don’t advise people to follow that. I only do that when there’s an important shoot. I don’t do that on a daily basis."

As soon as she regained consciousness, Ellen insisted that they proceed with the shoot.

"They even told me, 'I-pack na natin if hindi mo kaya, kasi this is your life.'

"Wait lang, bigyan niyo lang ako ng oras. Give me at least thirty minutes to rest.

"Then when I felt better, 'I think kaya ko, ituloy na natin ito' kasi wala na akong time at that time.


"If i-pack natin, hindi na siya magiging December cover.

"It was an adventure!"





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