Chynna Ortaleza: "Pre-baby body is not coming back."

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Chynna Ortaleza: "Siguro mas maganda hanapin at mahalin ang panibago mong alindog."

“Balik-alindog” program becomes a dime in a dozen after Christmas, when everybody is desperate to shed off the holiday weight.

It's also one of the new moms' biggest challenges after giving birth.

But Chynna Ortaleza had just raised the white flag as far as her weight is concerned.

She gave birth to her daughter Stellar in April 2016, and had tried getting her pre-baby body back.

But she wrote in a post on Instagram, "The journey of cutting down is not easy.

"I'm not athletic and was never a fan of exercise so I feel discouraged when sore muscles get in the way.

"Ikaw? Kamusta ka naman after giving birth?"

So the Kapuso actress made a choice to say goodbye to her "majorly payat, no workout needed pre-baby body."

Instead, she started embracing her postpartum figure, which, she wrote, "can be beautiful and stronger with determination and discipline."

Chynna added, “All I can say is Woman you are beautiful no matter what!


“You are a Mother! That is something to be very proud of.

“Ayoko ng balik alindog program! Siguro mas maganda ang harapin at mahalin ang panibago mong alindog.”

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