True or false? When you reach 40, "hindi mo na mababawi yung teenage weight"

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For Contours Medical Director Dra. Claudine Roura, the most important part of any weight-loss regimen isn't "what you take out," but rather "what you leave behind."

As we get older, one of our biggest concerns is our weight.

Everyone is trying to find ways to shed off those extra pounds and hold on to their "teenage weight."

During the media launch of Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute, Dra. Claudine Roura—the only woman in the country who has been certified to perform laser high-definition liposculpture, and the doctor who helped actress Aiko Melendez achieve her figure today—suggested a new way of dealing with weight loss.

For her, the most important part of every weight-loss journey isn’t about “what you take out,” but “what you leave behind.”

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She told the press, “We’re always conscious about weight, weight, weight!

“Did you know that we gain half a pound per year after 20 years old and that is considered normal?

“Half a pound per year after 20.

“So, at 40, you are now 10 pounds heavier than you were the age of 20. Hindi mo na mababawi yung teenage weight. Never na!

“So, don’t worry too much about weight.

“The most important is the shape.

“The most important is you sculpt the body in such a way that everything is proportioned, everything is smooth. No baku-bako.”

But Dra. Claudine understands that not everyone is ready to undergo such procedures for their bodies, which is why she underlined the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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DEBUNKING DIET MYTHS. Dra. Claudine also debunked the common diet myth that taking rice out of every meal works for everyone.

“The rice thing? Hindi naman bawal mag-rice. Hindi ka nga magri-rice, magpa-pasta ka naman!

“It doesn’t really work that way. Others are just built differently from the other person.

“May isa, tignan mo pamilya nila, lahat sila payat. Then, for another person, tignan mo sila, lahat sila malaki.

"So, hindi mo sila maku-compare depending on the metabolism of whatever they eat.”


"Naturally, metabolism slows down as people age and some people might actually need rice in their diet.

“Hindi siya one size fits all. Bawasan mo ito, it’ll work for everyone. Sometimes you need to customize it,” she stressed.

At the end of the day, proper eating is actually about taking the right number of calories.

“It all boils down to calorie-counting, and of course, active lifestyle,” she pointed out.





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