The three "modes" in a woman's life, according to celebrity diet guru Nadine Tengco


Celebrity chef and nutritionist Nadine Tengco releases her book, an "insider's guide to living your sexiest life." She strikes a pose with her fellow cover girls Jessy Mendiola, Agot Isidro, and Teacher Georcelle of G-Force.  

For celebrity chef and nutritionist Nadine Tengco, women go through three phases in life: the “Beast Mode,” the “Mother Mode,” and the “Queen Mode.”

Each phase signifies the different kinds of stress that a woman encounters in life, thus, it represents the kind of changes her body experiences.

In Nadine’s newly-released semi-autobiographical, health and wellness book Sexy At Any Age, the “diet guru of the stars” narrates her wellness journey through those three stages.

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At her book launch last March 21, in C3 Events Place in Greenhills, Quezon City, Nadine elaborated on each mode.

First, the “Beast Mode” describes a woman’s years from her mid-twenties to mid-thirties.

“The ‘Beast Mode,’ that's when the stress comes from you doing things to yourself,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

“That's the pain of trying to fit in. The ‘I'm in a hurry to making a mark in the world.’”

As a young woman who had seen the bountiful opportunities the world has in store, she is excited to take on every adventure life throws her.

“Party until seven a.m. 'tapos straight to work. May mga stress levels diyan.”

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The next phase is the “Mother Mode,” which covers your mid-thirties to mid-forties.

Whether she is an independent woman or a family woman, the wellness expert said it is “the most difficult period in a woman's life.”

She related, “It was the rudest awakening of my life because that's when you struggle to work-life balance.

“Family, career, and all of that.”

Along with the growing demands of life, a woman's body begins its dive into the perimenopause years.

Suddenly, it will be hard to comprehend the changes in her body.

“Hindi mo maintindihan kasi yung beast mode, okay lang. One weekend, payat ka agad.  Do anything, you're good.

“Thirty six to forty five, you don't understand what's going on, parangThere's too many changes.”


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Then by the time a woman is at the onset of your fifties, all the stress she experiences have become internal.

“Just when you figure out life, your body stresses you out kasi menopause.

“That's ‘Queen Mode.’”

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To read more about Nadine’s personal wellness journey and her secrets, get a copy of her book Sexy At Any Age: Your insider’s guide to living your sexiest life.

The book is available in bookstores nationwide at PHP 295.    





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