This lady's five-year weight loss journey is awe-inspiring!

IMAGE Courtesy of Rizza Jane Robles Paragas

Rizza Jane Robles Paragas on what inspired her to lose the weight: "Naisip ko kung tatanda ba talaga akong mag-isa. No one really seemed interested in me. Walang nanliligaw sa 'kin. Akala ko pangit lang talaga ako."

Facebook user Rizza Jane Robles Paragas recently went viral after posting the results of her impressive "five years in the making" transformation.

It began with this viral challenge on social media.

Starting in 2012, Rizza had been posting a photo each year showing off her dramatic weight loss.

It didn't take long before she became a social media sweetheart.

The Multimedia Arts graduate told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) through a chat on Facebook, "I was shocked and overwhelmed.

"I never expected it to go viral since I've been posting random weight loss pictures for almost four years.

"I'm really really happy as well because I got to inspire people.

"Sobrang hirap magapapayat talaga, and, here I am, proving it is possible!"

Her health was the main reason she decided to get rid of the unwanted fats.

"I guess I just got tired of how I look. I'm tired of being lazy. I'm tired of being unhealthy.

"At the age of 21, may pre-diabetic symptoms na ko. I need to lose weight.

"I realized that I need to do it, NOW. I was in denial before that I needed to lose weight, then eventually na-realize ko I have to start somewhere."

Trimming down was not easy.

Rizza said it took her a lot of effort and commitment to start and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

"Walang secret, e. There's no magic pill and no shortcuts either. All I did was diet and exercise. You have to do both.

"I don't believe in diet alone, because if you really want to burn fat, you have to do it with exercise.

"It is definitely hard work, but in the end, it is all worth it!"

In 2013, Rizza decided to have a much more active lifestyle.


"My first three months were random activities lang, like walking and jogging."

She would do this for one hour each day for days a week.

"Then I leveled it up by going to the gym.

"All I did was cardio [elliptical, bike, treadmill] for two hours. My main goal was to burn, BIGTIME."

With regard to her diet, she said, "My first three months, I started by gradually cutting portions and choosing healthier options.

"Then after the months, the '1200 calories diet.'"

In one of her Facebook photo captions, Rizza mentioned that her weight could be the reason why no one was attracted to her.

This became one of her major motivations.

She told PEP, "Isa ito actually sa mga turning point ng buhay ko, kung bakit ako nag-decide magpapayat.

"May point sa buhay ko na na-realize ko na magkakanya-kanya din kami ng buhay ng friends ko.

"Everyone else will find their true love 'tapos eto ako, single since birth."

Rizza added, "Only child ako, so naisip ko kung tatanda ba talaga akong mag-isa. No one really seemed interested in me. Walang nanliligaw sakin.

"Akala ko pangit lang talaga ako.

"Umiyak pa 'ko sa salamin, sabi ko 'Ang pangit mo kasi, ang taba mo pa.'

"'Tapos na-realize ko, puwede pa kong pumayat so naging, 'Pag ikaw pumayat, luluhod ang mga tala.' No joke!"

At present, Rizza is no longer a member of the "No Boyfriend Since Birth" squad. She has found a special someone.

But one thing she's enjoying the most: shopping for clothes is no longer an ordeal.

"Sobrang saya! Nakakatipid ako. Kasi usually walang nagkakasyang sale sa 'kin na gusto ko, and now, I can actually fit the free size section.


"Nakakahiram na din ako ng damit sa friends ko.

"Pangarap ko lang dati makapag-sleveless and dress, so nung pumayat ako, every day yun yung outfit ko."

Rizza earlier said that there's no secret to losing weight, but motivation is the key.

She left this advice to those who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

"Kaya niyo 'yan, guys! Ako pinakatamad na kilala ko sa mundo. Gusto mo pumayat? Start now! Kung nag-try ka na dati, try harder!

"Third attempt ko na bago ako maging successful. Don't give up."





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