Guess what was Jak Roberto's first fitness routine: "Pag-iigib"

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Jak Roberto on how to achieve those well-sculpted abs: "Kailangan mo muna mag-lose ng weight so importante yung diet talaga. Pag pumayat ka na 'tsaka ka mag-build ng muscle."

For baring her well-sculpted torso most of the time on TV,  Jak Roberto is now being tagged as "Pambansang Abs."

But of course his abs didn't just pop out of nowhere.

Just like everyone else, his determination and discipline got him the body everyone's dreaming to have.

With an ectomorphic body type, the Kapuso hunk is naturally skinny.

While most people hope to lose weight, Jak's goal is to gain weight.

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In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Jak revealed that doing heavy household chores for his grandmother while growing up helped him form his abs.

Jak recalled, "Before kasi, tumutulong ako sa lola ko, e. So yung mga gawaing bahay, pag-iigib. Simple lang naman yung buhay namin sa probinsya so alagang lola ako.

"Meron ako, payat pero may muscle na, may abs na, may form na.

"Kaso kahit anong kain ko that time, hindi ako tumataba kasi nga kargador ng tubig, e.

"So since nung pumasok ako sa showbiz e nagwo-work out na rin naman na ako before, medyo nag-build yung upper [body] ko, lumabas na rin yung abs."

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The 23-year-old actor has been active in showbiz since 2012, and now plays one of the lead roles in the Kapuso primetime series Meant To Be.

Jak said a project motivates him to improve his body built.

"Dumating yung time na binigyan ako ng role na kailangan talaga ripped, kailangan makita yung muscles talaga.

"So ang ginawa nung director, binigyan ako ng two months preparation, nag-hire ako ng coach.

"From payat, lumaki ako. Nadagdagan ako siguro from 135 lbs., nag-gain ako ng 10 lbs. more.

"So ayun, na-satisfied naman ako, nakuha ko yung body type na kailangan ko dun sa movie.

"So ayun, minentain ko na."

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Since then, he makes time for the gym at least twice a week. His regular workout routine lasts for about an hour or two.


Jak said a 30-minute workout is also enough for beginners.

"'Pag wala akong taping, talagang tambayan ko talaga, gym, kasi hinahanap na rin ng body mo e once na maging lifestyle mo na yun.

"Kasi ginagawa ko naman siya actually not to show but to have a healthy lifestyle lang.

"And I want to inspire people na gawin din yun, to do the same."

Like what most fitness experts would say, getting those abs is "seventy percent diet and thirty percent exercise."

"Kailangan mo muna mag-lose ng weight so importante yung diet talaga. Pag pumayat ka na 'tsaka ka mag-build ng muscle."

With regard to his diet, Jak already quit eating white rice.

"Mahalaga yung diet talaga e pero hindi ako nagbibilang ng calories. Hindi ako nagra-rice pero mostly protein—white and red meat 'tapos veggies and fruits.

"Kung hindi ako gutom, hindi talaga ako kakain. So halimbawa dinner, wala akong gana, hindi ako kakain."

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Here's how Jak achieved his well-sculpted core:

1. Ab wheel roll out (4 sets, 12 repetitions)

"Yun yung nakaka-define ng abs kahit yun lang yung gawin mo every day."

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2. Leg Raise (4 sets, 12 repetitions)

"Tuwid yung paa mo, ipapantay mo siya sa torso mo."

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3. Knee-to-Chest (4 sets, 12 repetitions)

"Naka-hang ka sa hanging bar 'tapos kailangan tumama yung knee mo sa chest."

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4. Toe-to-bar (4 sets, 12 repetitions)

"Yung paa mo, ita-tap mo dun sa bar so ganun kataas."

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