Wow, Diana Zubiri gets bikini body back eight months after giving birth!

IMAGE @dianazubirismith and @thisisandysmith on Instagram

Diana Zubiri has worked hard to get back into shape eight months after giving birth.

Andy Smith is very proud of his wife Diana Zubiri, who, aside from being a full-time mom, juggles her acting career and business.

But what Andy admires most is that Diana does not forget herself.

Eight months after giving birth to Aliyah Rose, the actress is back in shape "even though u have only had a few days a week to train due to work, but u still manage to work hard in the gym."

Aliyah is the second child of Diana following her son King with late hubby Alex Lopez.

Earlier today, May 5, the Australian businessman took to Instagram to share his admiration for her.

His post read, "Being by ur side everyday, waking up every few hours to breastfeed, even until now shows how strong u are.

"It's definitely not an easy road being a mother, but definitely well worth it."

He added, "Witnessing the journey is amazing, and I'm doing as much as I can as a Father should.


"All men should appreciate their wife and be by their side as women have the hardest part of the journey carrying a baby until birth, and then feeding them to grow big and strong.

"I never knew what to expect during the process, but now, seeing it first hand day to day, my appreciation level for my wife and all mothers out there is out of this world."

Along with his sweet message was Diana's photo taken at the pool area of Crimson Hotel in Filinvest City.

Clad in a two-piece swimsuit, she was flawless and sexy AF!

A post shared by Andrew Smith (@thisisandysmith) on

Here's another shot:

Diana quipped, "Mahangin sa labas ng @crimsonfilinvestcity hotel."

It can be recalled that in February 2017, the mother of two shrugged off mean comments about her post-natal body.

That was also the time she started taping for Encantadia, where she's playing Lila Sari.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), she remarked, "Noong una, parang putok-putok yung costume, pero hindi naman yung maraming kita.


"May nag-comment nga before, kasi yung teaser, may nagsabi, 'Ang taba!'

"Di ba pinapahulaan kung sino si Lila Sari [her character].

"May nagsabi, 'Si Diana iyan kasi mataba, kapapanganak pa lang.'

"At least, may excuse ako, di ba?"

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