Raymond Gutierrez finds a new workout buddy in twin Richard Gutierrez

IMAGE Courtesy of @richardgutz and @mond on Instagram

Richard Gutierrez on his workout partner/twin Raymond: "Getting fitter together, the best way to do it."

It seems like Raymond Gutierrez has found a new fitness buddy: his twin Richard Gutierrez.

Since their Kambal Tuko days, this is the first side-by-side endeavor of the Gutierrez twins.

On Monday, May 15, Richard and Raymond posted an Instagram video of themselves doing a set of planks with hand tap.

Richard wrote: "Getting fitter together, the best way to do it. twin training with @mond #ArnoldsArmy @arnoldaninion"

Meanwhile, Raymond reposted the same video with the caption: "Twin training with @richardgutz, and finding new ways to bond @arnoldaninion @adidasph #ArnoldsArmy"

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Richard went "back to the grind" last week as part of his preparations for his movie comeback.

He and Raymond have the same trainer: Arnold Aninion.

On May 10, Richard uploaded a short Instagram video of Richard's first session with Arnold.

His caption: Back on the grind @mond hooked me up with the general @arnoldaninion to get ready for battle! #ArnoldsArmy #blockbusterset #mindset #dominate"


Richard also shared a good motivational post about achieving a goal:

"Progress! This training program is kicking my ass, but nothing good comes easy, you just gotta embrace the grind and love the challenge.

"In anything we do, if you want to see results, you have to put in the work to achieve your goals. #ironway #mindset #dominate #ArnoldsArmy @arnoldaninion"


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