How Bianca Manalo manages to stay thin even if she's not "pawisin"

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One reason why actress/model Bianca Manalo is not so fond of going to the gym: "Hindi ako pawisin." Her diet is also pretty simple.

Bianca Manalo is one of those lucky girls who do not need to spend hours at the gym to maintain her weight.

Her beau Fabio Ide, a gym rat, encourages her to work out, but the former beauty queen revealed, "Hindi ako pawisin."

Of course, it's not really the sweat but the physical activities that burn the fats and calories.

Bianca continued, "Pinipilit kasi ako ni Fabio na mag-gym with him.

"Pero yung akin, yung kung anu-ano lang na exercise."

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But she takes a capsule which she believes make her sweat.

At the press launch of Frontrow last July 17, the model/actress told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "Iinom ako nung Luxxe Slim para magpawis kasi wala, hindi talaga ako pinapawisan.

"So iniinom ko yan 'pag kunyare giniginaw ako...and mag-iinit yung pakiramdam ko.

"Feeling ko nagwowork yung L-Carnetine, yung fat burn, so ganun siya, ganun ko siya tine-take."

Bianca's diet is also simple: she prefers white meat.


"Lahat ng shrimp, lahat ng seafood, ng chicken, kumakain ako.

"Hindi ako kumakain ng steak and pork. Kumakain lang ako ng burger at corned beef, yun lang ang kinakain ko na beef."

And what does her Brazilian boyfriend say about her food preferences?

Laughing, Bianca said, "Si Fabio nabo-boringa [boring] sa akin kasi Brazilian siya and meat eater siya.

"I remember sa Brazil, buong family niya kumakain ng steak, ako kumakain ako ng manok.

"Nilutuan ako ng nanay niya ng isang kilong manok so nahihiya ako."

But if you ask her why she doesn't like beef and pork, she simply said, "Hindi ko alam kung bakit."


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