TJ Trinidad, 41, still so guwapo after all these years

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TJ Trinidad, 41, makes it to YES! magazine's 100 Most Beautiful Stars list this year.

For the first time since he joined showbiz in 2003, commercial model-turned-actor TJ Trinidad makes it to YES! magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars list this year.

In the list’s 2017 edition, the 41-year-old mainstay of GMA-7’s fantasy series Mulawin vs Ravena is part of the Bankable Stars category, which honors those who consistently deliver good performances in whatever role or assignment they are given.

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Since he made that transition from being a commercial model (PLDT, Swatch, Close-up, San Miguel, etc.) in the 90s to acting in the early 2000s, he has been working nonstop.

To date, TJ already has almost 50 TV series/shows and 30 films under his belt, making him average five projects each year for 14 years.

The actor believes that character makes a person beautiful.

“The kind of person they are inside is what matters,” he told YES! in an interview.

But the good-looking and hunky actor gets tongue-tied when asked what makes him a beautiful person.

"I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head. “I don’t know how to answer that question. Maybe it’s the way I am with my family…I don’t know.

"My discipline? If you’re talking characteristics, I think my determination. That would probably it."

FITNESS AND GROOMING. TJ admits to being a bit vain.

“I’m conscious about the way I look, but not too much, I think.

“I just go to the barber,” he added, mentioning the barbershop chain Bruno’s Barbers as his go-to grooming place.

To be in tip-top form, TJ goes to gym regularly.


“I’ve always been into the martial arts—boxing, karate, muay Thai, judo, konting grappling,” he said.

“Pero right now, I box. ’Yong iba, hindi ko na masyadong pina-practice. I just box until now.”

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 TJ also goes to the gym for specific workouts to strengthen his legs.

“Importante ’yon sa legs ko because I’ve had a lot of operations, knee operations,” he explained. “So I really need to strengthen my legs.

“Pero supplemental lang siya sa boxing. I box a lot.”

Lastly, TJ, who’s in the cast of the forthcoming crime drama movie, Smaller and Smaller Circles, shared a diet tip: “I think eating healthy is very important and having that kind of healthy lifestyle.

"I eat what I want, hindi lang sobra-sobra.”





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