Billy Crawford loses 30 pounds after a month of giving up two food items

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Billy Crawford reveals that following the Keto diet for just a month made him lose 30 pounds. He tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal): "Akala ko mahirapan ako, pero it's actually easy. Puwede kang kumain ng crispy pata, inihaw na baboy, chicharon… As long as you don't eat rice and no sugar."

Getting fit is on top of Billy Crawford’s to-do list months away before his big day with fiancée Coleen Garcia.

“I want to look good for my future wife,” says the excited groom-to-be when asked about his primary reason for taking on the Ketogenic or Keto diet.

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According to, the Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat, adequate-protein diet that promotes ketosis, the natural breakdown of fatty acids and ketogenic acids in the body.

During this state, the body produces ketones which supply energy to body organs.

Following a Keto diet is said to be a healthier way of eating, since too much carbohydrates in the body become stored fat. 

The website adds: “A byproduct of this is that insulin levels will remain stable, making it much harder to store excess fat.

“Not only will this allow you to maintain your weight, but it will greatly encourage weight loss.”

NO-RICE, NO-BREAD DIET. Billy, for his part, has lost 30 pounds after a month of properly maintaining a keto diet.

“A month ago it was 198. I think I am 168 pounds now.

“I still have 10 to 12 pounds to lose, then I start hitting the gym.”

So what does Billy’s food intake consist of now?

The 36-year-old TV host/singer/actor replies, “It’s more of protein and vegetables.

“No carbs, no sugar. No starchy vegetables, so no carrots, no corn, no potatoes.

“No pasta, no rice. No brown rice, no bread.

“It’s been going on a month now.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spoke with Billy after his presscon for Soulbrothers, a concert which he co-headlines with Jay-R and Kris Lawrence.

The presscon was held last August 24, at Full Belly Craft Kitchen in Quezon City.

GETTING USED TO IT. Billy says the Keto diet might seem too strict and intimidating for some, but he can actually eat a lot of his favorite Pinoy dishes.  


“Akala ko mahirapan ako, pero it’s actually easy.

“Puwede kang kumain ng crispy pata, inihaw na baboy, chicharon…

“As long as you don’t eat rice and no sugar.”

He adds, “Coleen was the one who told me about the diet. I tried it.

“On the first three days, I lost six pounds so I knew it was working.”

Aside from wanting to stay fit for his wedding, Billy says he and Coleen both want to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.

"I want to be healthier. We've been eating a lot of organic stuff without any preservatives.

"It's important, e. Yun yung mga totoong anti-cancer, kasi madaling magkasakit ngayong panahon na 'to."





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