12 Celebrities with tiniest waistlines

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(L-R) Megan Young, Marian Rivera, and Julia Barretto have one thing in common: tiny waistlines.

Tiny waistline, anyone?

Many people, including the stars, consider the waist a problem area because it is usually the hardest part to trim.

Our midsection has two layers of fats—the one buried deep in the abdomen (visceral fat) and the one located between the abdominal wall and skin (subcutaneous fat).

Fat doesn't just store calories, it also produces and releases hormones. Since the visceral fat is near our vital organs—liver, stomach, and intestines—it can affect the way these organs function, and raise our bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Trimming the waist is not just for that hourglass figure.

Those with smaller waists are said to be healthier and less prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

Now let's give these ladies a round of applause because they have been working hard to achieve wow waistlines.

The list includes the stars who, at press time, have waistlines that measure 24 inches and below.

Jennylyn Mercado 

The 30-year-old actress bikes, runs, and takes to mixed martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Jennylyn also does Pilates, a system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, not to mention enhance mental awareness.

This mother of one has a 24-inch waistline.

Maggie Wilson

The host/mom looks fabulous in bikinis, thanks to her marathons and active lifestyle.

Maggie's waistline measures 24 inches.

Erich Gonzales 

The 27-year-old Kapamilya star got her body beach-ready last year after two months of thrice-a-week workouts focusing on her butt and abs. She also had a less-salt-and-less sugar diet.

From 26 inches, Erich's waistline now measures 24 inches.

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Julie Anne San Jose 

The singer-actress's waistline was 22 inches in 2015.

These days, she maintains her "24-inch size" curves by eating "three to five balanced meals a day," and spending at least 30 minutes on the stationary bike.


Julia Barretto

The young actress started getting back in shape as soon as she finished taping A Love To Last, which aired its final episode in September 2017.

She wanted to look good in her gown for the Star Magic Ball, and slay the runway for Bench Under the Stars.

For two months, she worked out thrice a week with trainer Bok Santos, and focused on her arms, glutes, and abs.

She also ate "everything in moderation." The result: abs and a 24-inch waistline.

Megan Young 

The 27-year-old actress-beauty queen is into weight training and Pilates.

Since last year, she's had her sights on getting her 23-inch waistline back.

Looks like the former Miss World has already succeeded.

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Pia Wurtzbach 

Miss Universe 2015's vital statistics include a 23-inch waistline, which she maintains by working out in the gym for no longer than an hour and “eating everything in moderation."

And instead of cheat days, she prefers "cheat meals."

Lucky lady!

Sam Pinto

The actress-model, who won the FHM Sexiest Pinay title twice, stays in shape through surfing and yoga.

Her waistline measures 22 inches.

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Rhian Ramos 

The actress-host, who religiously does her planks during workouts, has a 22-inch waistline.

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Lovi Poe

This 28-year-old Kapuso actress has a 21-inch waist, which she maintains by doing Pilates regularly.

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Marian Rivera 

She gave birth to Zia in November 2015, and easily got her pre-baby figure back thanks to breastfeeding.

She's also been working out for a "secret" project.

The Kapuso Prime Time Queen is actually slimmer now than when she was single.

And guess what her waistline size is? Nineteen inches!

Kris Bernal 

From 22 inches, the actress-restaurateur's waistline became 18 inches when she posed for FHM Philippines in May 2017.

But for 2018, she is increasing her calorie-intake because her goal is "to get bigger legs and hips."

The 28-year-old actress is not strict with her diet, but she is a gym rat.


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