Sheryl Cruz says hula hoop helped her waistline shrink to 26 inches

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Sheryl Cruz explains the many benefits of hula hooping: "It's an enjoyable full-body workout, that helps you keep fit, gives you energy, self confidence, and enhances your dancing, hooping creativity."

Sheryl Cruz continues to post her hula hoop workout videos on Instagram, which shows her agility in handling the ring on her waist.

The actress even performs her routines while wearing high heels.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) through Instagram direct messaging, Sheryl explained how she got interested in working out with a hula hoop.

“I learned Hula Hoop when I was about 7 years old,” she told

“I just seriously got back doing it last September 2017.

“My inspiration came from my friends, family members, who look great even though they’re 40s already.”

Her goal was to lose "the excess weight primarily, also for health reasons," and she has started seeing the results six months since she started.

The actress-singer continues, “I can’t recall my waistline when it [was] much bigger kasi nakakadismaya lang, hahahaha!

“I’m just happy na bumaba yung waistline ko to a size 26.

“I also don’t recall the heaviest weight I’ve been in for the same reason I said, but my height of 5’6”, I’m at my ideal weight of 120 pounds.”

Sheryl said she has a trainer who supervises her workouts, and she is also following a specific diet.

“A personal trainer comes to my home three times a week.

“Zumba and a custom-made diet plan helped me shed the unwanted pounds that I didn’t need.

Why hula hoop?

“It’s an enjoyable full-body workout, that helps you keep fit, gives you energy, self confidence, and enhances your dancing, hooping creativity.”


Some of Sheryl's followers have dubbed her as the “Hula Hoop Queen of the Stars.”

“I’m flattered,” Sheryl said of this compliment.

“Hula hoop dancing is another alternative to Zumba, so I have a variety of cardio workouts to choose from.

“It’s a great hobby I’d llke to continue and learn more about.”

At what point did she decide to try hula hoop as a workout? Did something specific happen for her to turn to this type of exercise? 

She answered, “Alam mo naman na ang mga celebs napapagod din sa work at minsan gusto asa bahay lang tulad ko.

“I did this HH [hula hoop] dance to exercise in the own comfort of my home pag di ko na gustong lumabas pa ng bahay.”

A hula hoop workout is concentrated on the waist, does it have an effect on one's digestive system? 

Sheryl noted, “So far wala naman akong info na masama ang hula hoop sa digestive system, otherwise I’m not going to do it.”

HULA HOOPING  IN HEELS. Does she have plans of doing hula hoop dancing competitively?

Her reply was: “I’m doing hula hoop dancing for fun, not to compete against anybody.

“The videos I’ve posted on IG inspired some of the ladies from my age group, and because it benefits me health-wise I continue do it, and share my simple dance work outs with them.”

With regard to the high heels she wears, she said, "Actually, I’m just ‘trying to test the waters’ if I’m able to complete the challenge myself.


“That simple, babaw ko, di ba? Hahahaha!”

Sheryl also revealed that it was from her Tita Beth, the sister of her late father Ricky Belmonte, who influenced her to try hula hoop dancing.

Her Tita Beth is also the mother of actors Rodjun and Rayver Cruz.

Even Sheryl's daughter Ashley is into hula hooping!

“Marunong rin si Ashley maghula hoop at magaling siya sa hand tricks like vertical plane and lasso."

Sheryl's cousin Sunshine has already shown interest in hula hooping.

One of Sheryl's hashtags on her dance videos is #summer2018bodybeautiful.

Is she ready to show off her bikini body on a beach anytime soon? 

She answered, “Why not if I can make my ‘stretch marks’ disappear! Hehehe!”





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