Kris Aquino explains her latest obsession with gemstones

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Kris Aquino's jade ring on her left middle finger and the sapphire ring on her ring finger are heirlooms from her mom and the late President Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

Have you noticed that Kris Aquino wears multiple rings on both hands whether she's at home, working on a shoot, or traveling abroad?

A self-confessed jewelry lover, Kris Aquino wore no less than six rings during her first digital cover shoot for (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Headliner.

She explained that each ring she’s wearing actually holds a special meaning for her.

The sapphire ring on her right ring finger came from her mom, the late President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

“It used to be a pendant. Pina-reset ko lang,” said Kris.

The jade ring on her right middle finger is another heirloom from her mom.

“Kasi my sisters had zero interest in jewelry, so sabi nila, ‘Ikaw naman mahilig, e, so yours na!’ E, di ang saya ko!

“Hindi rin mahilig ang mom ko, so there really wasn’t much. It was nanggaling sa mom niya, na hindi rin naman masyado mahilig. How I wish mahilig [din my lola].”


Kris purchased the ruby ring on her right index finger as a souvenir after she starred in the 1990 romantic comedy film Pido Dida, opposite the late Rene Requiestas.

“Eto, binili after Pido Dida. Ganun na kaluma ‘to. I always buy something to commemorate, at least maalala mo what it was for.


“But again, pina-reset ko na kasi ginawa nang eternity yung setting.”

The diamond ring on her left index finger was a gift from a “very successful businesswoman” whom she considers “a very different friend” whose identity she wants to keep private.

“Nung tumataas ang BP [blood pressure] ko, sinabi kasi, ‘An ate should give you diamante to protect you for your health. She gave this to me nung nagkaroon ako ng BP scare nung 2015, niregalo niya sa akin ‘to for Christmas.”


The heart-shaped diamond eternity ring on her left finger was her latest purchase to commemorate her brand endorsement with her son James Yap Jr. aka Bimby.

“Binili because of mga gamot na ini-endorse ni Bimb ngayon at mga vitamins only to remind me, kasi it’s eternity and hearts.”


To match her eternity ring, she also wore the Tiffany ring that she bought when "someone" broke her heart.

Kris’s piece of advice when you’re buying jewelry: “Kung mag-i-invest kayo sa jewelry, make sure may certificate. Kasi kung walang certificate, hindi niyo maa-unload.”


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"HEALING GEMSTONES." Kris went on to say that wearing her bling-blings is not just for showing off.

They actually serve some sort of protective charm for her.

She even downloaded a mobile app about the healing power of gemstones.

“They’re really gonna say, ‘This is her new thing.’ Yes, this is my new thing! I’m into essential oils and I’m into healing gems.


“When you’re on medication daw, pag naka-jade ka, it makes you absorb the medicine so much more.

“'Tapos, the sapphire is very good for BP and also for asthma and breathing.

“The ruby is very good naman kasi anemic ako. It helps your blood and blood circulation.

"And the ruby also helps you to forgive. It opens your heart up to be more understanding, more forgiving, more resilient because nga of the blood.”

Noting the Pinoy superstition about warding off a curse or a hex by saying “puwera-usog,” Kris said that her diamond ring gifted by her very dear friends serves the same purpose.

“'Tapos, yung diamante nga kailangan iregalo. Don't buy it for yourself. It should be from somebody older—kung babae ka, babae rin dapat ang magbigay—who loves you.

"She’ll give it to you and it’s your protection especially when you’re traveling a lot.


“Meron tayong sinasabi na 'puwera usog.' This is to protect you especially when you’re traveling a lot.”


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