Alden Richards's dad posts topless photo


Daddy Bae, as Alden Richards's dad is fondly called, posts a topless mirror selfie on Twitter last Tuesday, June 19. Anticipating the reaction of possible bashers, he captioned, "Lebre bash!"

Richard Faulkerson, the dad of Alden Richards, recently posted a topless photo of him which earned many reactions from his Twitter followers. 

Daddy Bae, as Richard is fondly called by his son's fans, tweeted on Tuesday, June 19, a mirror selfie of him without a shirt on.

He was wearing a pair of black shorts and a pair of eyeglasses. 

Alden's dad, who is in good shape, captioned his tweet with "Lebre bash!" and an emoji wearing glasses. It might've been an unintentional typo, but Richard's tweet anticipated the possible comments of bashers.

It isn't clear what made Pambansang Bae's dad tweet the said photo, whether to encourage his followers to take care of their body or simply to catch people's attention.

Either way, netizens's reactions leaned towards the humorous side.

At press time, Daddy Bae's tweet has been liked over 1,600 times, and retweeted 262 times. It has also received 193 replies from Twitter users.


Meanwhile, Richard's children haven't replied to his tweet, not even his junior Alden. 

PEPsters, what do you think of Daddy Bae's topless photo? 


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