How Ciara Sotto maintains her 26-inch waistline

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Ciara Sotto on why she works out regularly: "Gusto ko lang talaga i-maintain yung body ko na strong enough to pole dance."

Getting rid of the unwanted pregnancy weight has always been one of the biggest challenges for most moms.

Even celebrity mom Ciara Sotto went through the same struggle after giving birth to her son Crixus in 2015.

Back then, the actress accepted the fact that she probably won't regain the 23-inch waistline she had back when she was a teenager.

She said, "Parang impossible na, kasi talagang nag-expand na talaga siya [waist], pero okay lang.

"For me, if my clothes fit well and I don't feel heavy working out or when I'm in the pole, okay ako." (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chat with Ciara at Y Café White Manila party on Saturday, June 30, while on board the Lagoon 630 yacht at the Manila Bay.

Now, Ciara's waistline is around 26 inches, and she has been keeping it that way for the past three years.

She explained, "Gusto ko lang talaga i-maintain yung body ko na strong enough to pole dance.

"Kasi siyempre, yun talaga yung work ko, di ba? So gusto ko strong enough siya to carry myself all the time."

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Her work as a pole dancing instructor helped immensely in losing her unwanted pregnancy weight.

"If you're not into that pole dancing workout, I encourage them to really try it because they will get so addicted to it," she assured.

But one other workout routine she discovered that helped her maintain her figure is Barre 3, which uses a ballet bar, light weights, and a soft ball for cardio, endurance, and toning exercises.

Ciara narrated, "It's a total body workout, but it focuses more sa core and the legs.

"We use the ballet bar and we also use a soft ball and light weights lang.

"At first, you do warm-ups lang na medyo aerobic, but it will just pump up your heart rate.


"And then, you'll go to the bar and work on your legs.

"Repetitive actions siya, repetitive exercises, but it aims to fatigue the muscles, to strengthen it."

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To complete her weekly training, she also includes Bikram Yoga and gymnastics.

Ciara told, "Bikram kasi it stretches my muscles.

"It's like my healing exercise for my body especially when I did so much contortion in pole dancing.

"Sometimes, I try to squeeze in gymnastics also, that's cardio and body weight training."


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