Julia Barretto shares weight-loss tip: "Never starve yourself."

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Julia Barretto reminds everyone not to starve themselves just to lose weight: "That is not the secret to losing weight and that's not the secret to a healthy lifestyle."

Julia Barretto has always lived an active lifestyle ever since she was young.

From playing tennis and volleyball in high school, she started working out at the gym in 2017.

However, her erratic schedule as a celebrity makes it quite challenging to have a regular fitness routine.

Nevertheless, her love-team partner, Joshua Garcia, is impressed with how Julia maintains her figure

Joshua told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an exclusive interview last July 4, during their Main Attraction photo shoot, "Hindi nga nagwo-work out iyan pero ang sexy pa rin, 'tapos ang dami pang kumain. Ano bang technique mo diyan, Baba?"

Julia answered, "Actually, nagwo-work out ako pero nung nag-start kami sa I love You, Hater, nawalan talaga ako ng time mag-work out.

"Kasi in-every day namin yung [shooting sa] I Love You, Hater at saka yung [taping] sa Ngayon At Kailanman, yung serye.

"So every day yun, and nung nag-start kami sa dalawa, nawalan talaga ng time mag-work out.

"But prior, nagwo-work out talaga ako. Twice a day ako nagwo-work out noon."

Now that the promotional efforts for their movie have come to an end, Julia will have more time to visit the gym.

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Aside from getting Bok Santos as her trainer, what else did she do to achieve the desired result?

She said, "If you want to start on a fitness journey, dapat may goal ka muna.

"Ako kasi meron akong goal weight... I feel like minsan nga hindi siya goal weight, e.

"I think it's... malalaman ko lang, when I already feel healthy and good about my body.

"Nasa ano rin iyan, e, kapag tiningnan mo yung sarili mo and nakita mo na, 'Happy na ako, okay na ako.'

"Ganun rin yun, e, minsan wala rin sa weighing scale yun, nasa satisfaction mo yun sa sarili mo, kung gaano ka kasaya sa nakikita mo."


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With regard to diet, Julia believes in eating in moderation instead of going on a crash diet.

The 21-year-old Star Magic talent explained, "You can never starve yourself.

"That is not the secret to losing weight and that's not the secret to a healthy lifestyle."

Julia finished, "Just balanced [meal] and just work out, and then one day, if you see yourself in the mirror and you're like, 'Okay, I'm happy na...'

"Di ba? So good job, narating mo na yung goal mo!"


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