The effective way Jodi Sta. Maria deals with stress

Jodi Sta. Maria leads the newest campaign of Flawless Face & Body Clinic, Pink Movement. She says, "This movement is not just about being beautiful on the outside. It's really about the beauty within. It's about supporting, encouraging, and uplifting others."

On Instagram, Jodi Sta. Maria has been a favorite fitspiration for many of her followers.

It's because the celebrity mom has been promoting overall well-being through exercise.

And she puts herself out there as an example.

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During one of her endorsement shoots early this month, Jodi reiterated to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She began, "I really believe it’s about taking care of yourself and realizing that you only have one body.

"And you have to take care of this. That is something na hindi mo puwede iasa sa iba, e.

"Yung ibang mga bagay puwede mo iasa, 'Pakihatid ito, pakidala ito, pakisulat ang this and that.'

"But when it comes to taking care of your body, no one is going to do it for you but you.


"So you maintain a good diet, a healthy lifestyle; you exercise regularly, you drink lots of water.

"Have ample amounts of sleep and, most importantly, have a good disposition in life.

"Lahat nang ginagawa mo outwardly, it won’t matter unless you’re doing something that will fill your soul and will make you happy.

"I think you cannot take that out of the equation."


Jodi said she had her insecurities until she decided to look inwardly, and change her approach to the question, "How to look beautiful?"

She admitted that in her younger years in showbiz, she often compared herself with her contemporaries.

The Kapamilya actress said, "I always compare myself to other women. She has nicer this, she has better that…

"I never really saw me—what I have, my strengths, my gifts, my talents, you know."

"I think it’s also through age na when you realize, 'You see? Nothing is going to happen if you keep on comparing yourself to other people.'


"You will only feel bad. You will feel disappointed all the more, so why not look in the mirror and appreciate what you see!

"Appreciate everything—the color of your eyes, the way that you talk, the color of your hair.

"Even your flaws and imperfections, I mean, they make you who you are also, I think that’s what’s unique about each person.

"In this world where we try to be perfect, like, come on, it’s not going to happen."

From her experience, Jodi has learned "one of the best gifts that we can give other people and ourselves and our family is a healthy mental and emotional well-being...

"Since we can’t control the stressors or triggers around us, then the only thing naman that we can control is how we respond to them.

"If it won’t matter five years from now, then don’t spend five minutes thinking about it.


"Then fill yourself with activities that will fill your soul, make you happy, make you a better person.

"Also try to challenge yourself because challenges will make us grow, and I think that’s what’s most beautiful about us—when we grow and just aim to be better."

PINK MOVEMENT caught up with Jodi at the shoot of Pink Movement, the latest campaign of Flawless Face & Body Clinic.

Jodi shared her excitement for the campaign saying, "This movement is not just about being beautiful on the outside. It’s really about the beauty within. It’s about supporting, encouraging, and uplifting others.

"It’s about being kind and being generous to others, and I think that’s so important.

"It’s also about helping others. Encouraging them to pursue their dreams, and I think that’s so important because nowadays we all need each other to uplift one another."


An accomplished actress, Jodi is also pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Psychology at the Southville International School and Colleges.

"It was my mom. My mom and my lola," she said about who have been encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

"I grew up without a father, and it was my mom talaga who’s ever supportive, loving, caring.

"Siya na rin yung disciplinarian—siya na rin talaga yung lahat. Parang tandem sila ng grandmother ko.

"I’m so happy na even up to this day, I’m 36 years old, but, you know, she’s still there guiding me, encouraging me, supporting me.

"She’s my number one critic, and I’m very thankful. I’m very thankful for her life."


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