KC Concepcion has great advice to ladies who are trying to lose weight

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KC Concepcion on her fitness journey: "I'd rather lose weight a little more slowly but continue to put in the work consistently with the goal of getting my body, muscle tone, flexibility & endurance right day after day."

KC Concepcion has never been so motivated to achieve her fitness goal, thanks to her boyfriend Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart.

On Instagram, KC gave her French beau a shout-out, and said his "unconditional love" makes her want to be the "best version" of herself.

She wrote, "This guy has seen me through my best & through my worst & loves me just the same.

"In a world full of shade, bashing & opinions, thank you for the unconditional love!!!

"You not judging makes me want to glow up & be the best version of myself—when the results show I promise you’ll get all the credit!"

The celebrity went on giving the ladies an advice: "Don’t be with anyone who makes you feel ugly, fat or less than who you are."

She continued, "To Show them to mind their own business & you’ll know something they won’t: What it’s like to be happy from the inside & FEEL YOUR BEST.

"You are BEAUTIFUL & you’ll only get better AND BETTER"


The daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion started her "Best Body Ever" goal in July 2017.

In her Instagram post, she enumerated her plans to get rid of the two-year worth of weight gain.

"I'm focusing on that healthy #LifestyleChange with eating, exercise, resting, stress management, and being GOOD to your mind and body every single day!!!"

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However, in February 2018, she admitted to experiencing hurdles.

KC then wanted a bikini-ready body in time for her 33rd birthday on April 7.

"Six months kasi yung minimum na binibigay ko sa katawan ko. I'm halfway there pa lang.

"Mahirap yung minsan ang dami mo nang ginagawang workout 'tapos napi-feel mo parang, 'Meron bang progress?'

"Parang iba yung feeeling ng ine-expect ko na super payat agad."


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Nonetheless, she has continued attending her Pilates classes. And instead of setting a deadline, she has made "slowly but SURELY" her "fitness mantra."

Aside from diet and exercises, she has been avoiding stress as well.

She wrote in another post, "When the mind is stressed, it will make your tummy bloat & no matter how much you work out, stress can cause you to gain more weight!

"In wanting to get fit I learned that we first need to get our minds in the right place..."

READ KC Concepcion on fitness goal: "May mga times na parang hindi mo nakikita yung progress."





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