Vin Abrenica assures Sophie Albert gaining a few pounds will not make her less beautiful

IMAGE @vinabrenica on Instagram

Vin Abrenica does not mind if girlfriend Sophie Albert gained a few pounds. He wrote on Instagram, "I got a bit fat she said. I'll work on myself this year she said. But for me, She's always been Beautiful."

Vin Abrenica recently brought kilig to his social media fans.

On Wednesday, January 2, through an Instagram post, the Kapamilya heartthrob recalled a conversation he had with girlfriend Sophie Albert about the latter gaining some weight.

But Vin did not actually mind it.

The 27-year-old star wrote in the caption, "I got a bit fat she said. I'll work on myself this year she said.

"But for me, She's always been Beautiful. now she's just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster & stronger.

"Always remember that you're Beautiful."

Vin's sweet response received positive comments from his Instagram followers.

Because of the Chrsitmas season, a lot of people binged on holiday dinners and gained a few pounds.

For her part, Sophie shared the same photo, and looked forward to spending quality time with her beau.

She wrote, "More sunsets and adventures with you this year."

Sophie has been living a more active lifestyle in the past few years.


However, the Kapuso star struggled on sneaking in some gym time since she started working on the prime-time series Pamilya Roces.

Her go-to fitness routine includes boxing and Muay Thai.

In June 2018, Sophie admitted that she used to be "lampa."

"Never in a million years would I ever expect myself to be the type of person who loves to exercise.

"I used to be the laziest, most 'lampa' person I know.

"Giving myself a pat on the shoulder for all the progress and changes I have made for a healthier life.

"Loving yourself is really the best gift of all."


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