Bianca Gonzalez, JC Intal build a home to last a lifetime

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Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal hope the house they're building will keep as the ancestral home their two daughters will look back to in the future.

Bianca Gonzalez and husband JC Intal are occupied with building their new home.

It is the "dream house" they hope to keep for a long time, one that their kids can call their ancestral home in the future. 

Bianca described their current home as "very bachelor ang dating...My husband built it before we got married.

"I was lucky na nung kinasal ako, may bahay na naitayo yung husband ko.

"I think yun yung isa sa mga goals niya before proposing that we would have a house. 

"Super lucky."

It was only when Bianca and JC had their first child in 2015 that they thought about getting a bigger home.

The mother of two continued, "Na-realize niya mali-mali proportions. Hindi mo pa alam, e. 

"Like, ang liit pala ng kwarto ng anak na dapat pala malaki.

"Kasi he doesn't cook, yung kusina pala ang nipis, 'tapos hindi nakakalabas yung hangin.

"Things like that."


With the construction of their house in progress, Bianca and JC are making sure this next house will have all the spaces for a family, especially for their daughters Lucia and Carmen.

"Lahat nung mga gusto namin i-correct dun sa house na yun, we did it sa new house.

"We made sure mas may space na siya, ganyan.

"Hopefully, ito yung dream long-term house na our kids can grow up in.

"Siguro until college, ganyan."

When do they plan to move in?

Bianca said, "Hopefully, January, we're going to move to our new home. Hopefully."

The couple first showed the photo of their new home back in September 2018.


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