YES! magazine celebrates the month of hearts with James Reid and Nadine Lustre

This February, YES! magazine puts the James Reid and Nadine Lustre tandem on its two covers. There's also something about their lovable characters and kilig moments on the hit TV series On the Wings of Love (OTWOL).

YES! magazine's February 2016 issue has more than 160 photos of James Reid and Nadine Lustre!

There are fun and fashionable shots from the magazine’s exclusive photo shoot, and fans—including curious observers—will surely find something that will make their hearts melt.

They will also get to know, through the exclusive interviews with YES!, how James and Nadine have evolved in front of and behind the camera.

James, for instance, recalls that he didn’t imagine a showbiz future for himself when he was in his early teens.

“I just imagined myself getting into a nine-to-five job every day, sitting at a desk, and then saving up to go on a holiday once a year, and going grocery shopping… Now, I’ve completely transformed.

"The 13-year-old me, or the 15-year-old me, would be terrified.

"‘Oh, my God, so many people.’ I’d be like, ‘How do you do it, all the pressure and everything?’”

Nadine, for her part, reveals what she felt during the premiere night of Diary ng Panget, her first teamup with James.

“Tumitingin talaga ako, as in everywhere, even sa likod, tinitingnan ko po silang lahat.

"So, parang ako, ‘What’s my purpose?’ Parang naisip ko na ’yon, e, siguro ito ’yong purpose ko—to make everyone happy, to make people carry a smile, to make everyone laugh.”

The issue also includes the lovable characters and the kilig moments of the hit TV series On the Wings of Love (OTWOL), which stars James and Nadine.

Find out how the charming love-team partners are behind the scenes, what they think of the OTWOL characters, and what’s their idea of a perfect ending.

Also in this issue, find out what goes on inside the mind of the woman who is confidently beautiful with a heart: Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. She speaks of her struggles before she finally got the crown and saw her dreams turn into reality.


Plus, AlDub pa more! More kilig moments from this phenomenal love team, including Alden Richards’s birthday celebration, the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 Parade of Stars, and the premiere night of the box-office movie My BebeLove: #KiligPaMore.

All this and more in the February 2016 issue of YES! Get your copies now!





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